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Positive news is changing the world, one story at a time. In a world that can often feel overwhelming, it’s important to focus on the good things happening around us and positive news can inspire us to make a difference.

We believe in the power of ‘News for Positivity’ and are confident that society will find value in patronizing Live News Goa’s core infotainment news and features across the categories of Sports, Business, Lifestyle, Art & Culture, Science & Technology, Environment, and Entertainment.

Live News Goa is Goa’s first and only positive news channel and it has been instrumental in creating a sense of community, encouraging people to take action, and highlighting positive initiatives.

Grievance Redressal Officer

Grievance Redressal Officer: Shri. Premanand P. Mahambare

Address: A3, Ambarim-Chodan,
Tiswadi, Goa – 403102

Email: Pmahambare@gmail.com