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Monday, October 18, 2021

Going through extremely tough times in the pandemic era, negativity engulfed the society in one way or the other. There was hardly any way to divert the attention from the chaos around us! As media plays a very important role in strengthening the closely-knit social fabric, a fresh approach and outlook became the need of the hour. Live News Goa was born out of a passion to focus on the bigger picture and spread goodness in society through positivity, in these unprecedented times and moving into a new global order! We believe in the power of ‘News for Positivity’ and are confident that the society will find value in patronising Live News Goa’s core infotainment news and features across the categories of Sports, Business, Lifestyle and Entertainment. The focus will predominantly be on Goa although some universal developments across the chosen beats, will also find regular slot on Live News Goa.

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