António Ferreira, Director of the Portuguese film Bela America commented that as society prospers, there should be less of inequality, but it is the other way around. He was interacting with media, delegates and cine enthusiasts today at 54th IFFI following the screening of his film under the Cinema of the World category at the festival yesterday.

António Ferreira said that Bela America interweaves the themes of food, populism, and humor to convey the film’s core message of inequality. In a world where human dignity is paramount, Director Antonio believes it to be imperative to address the all-pervasive social inequities that hinder our progress towards an egalitarian society.

Through the film, the Director endeavors to inspire a collective consciousness, urging everyone to bridge the divide and create a world where equality is not just an aspiration, but a living reality.

Speaking about using comedy to convey deep social messages, the Director remarked that humour is an important part of his personality and that reflects in the film. Ferreira was also of the opinion that in their hectic lives, audiences often find it easier to consume humorous content rather than serious and preachy messaging.

Film Synopsis:

Bela America is a Portuguese drama film directed by Antonio Ferreira. Lucas, a talented cook working in a Lisbon restaurant, falls for America, a beautiful and successful television personality. He starts leaving anonymous meals at her door, sparking her curiosity and leading her to search for him. Their secret relationship blossoms but faces the challenge of America’s presidential campaign. If revealed, their bond could ruin her political aspirations.

Cast and Crew:

Director:   Antonio Ferreira         

Cast:  Estevao Antunes, Sao Jose Correia,Custodia Gallego,Joao Castro Gomes, Daniela Claro,Carlos Areia

Screenwriter: Cesar dos Santos Silva & Antonio Ferreira.

Cinematography: Paulo Castilho.

Editor: Antonio Ferreira


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