National Award-winning Indian filmmaker, scriptwriter and producer Madhur Bhandarkar held an enthralling ‘In Conversation’ Session as part of 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) at the Kala Academy Goa today. In a riveting conversation with the film critic and analyst, Taran Adarsh, the critically acclaimed Director offered insightful cinematic exchange into the art of cinema, the nuances of filmmaking, and the challenges and inspirations that shape storytelling.

Bhandarkar, renowned for his distinctive films, shared an array of perceptive insights, illuminating the essence of authentic storytelling and the intricacies of cinematic creation.

At the heart of his dialogue was an impassioned emphasis on the synergy between realism and cinema. Bhandarkar articulated, “a film stems from an idea. Realistic cinema holds a significant place in the cinematic landscape. Realistic films have the power to resonate deeply with audiences, navigating the duality of being both artistic and commercially impactful.”

Highlighting the pivotal role of research in filmmaking, Bhandarkar identified it as the cornerstone of his craft. He asserted, “Research is the USP of filmmaking. It’s the foundation that enriches storytelling, lending depth and authenticity to the narrative.”

Addressing the challenges faced by filmmakers, especially concerning finances and creative freedom, Bhandarkar candidly acknowledged, “There is no doctrine for box office success. Finances and the freedom of content pose formidable challenges. However, aspiring filmmakers should persevere with conviction.’’

Emphasising the organic nature of filmmaking, Bhandarkar championed the notion that failure is an integral part of the creative process. “Filmmaking is an organic journey where failure serves as a stepping stone towards success. It’s indispensable in crafting superior content,” he expressed.

Offering invaluable advice to budding filmmakers, Bhandarkar underscored the significance of conviction and self-belief. “Creative satisfaction in filmmaking demands unwavering conviction. It’s not an easy path, but believing in the script and oneself is paramount,” he advised.

The acclaimed director also revealed his wellspring of inspiration, affirming, “I derive inspiration from society for my films. Understanding the pulse of society fuels the narratives I bring to the screen.”

In conclusion, Bhandarkar stressed the indispensable role of engaging screenplay in crafting impactful cinema. “An engaging screenplay is the heartbeat of a good film,” he affirmed, encapsulating the essence of cinematic brilliance.


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