Atharv Dhulapkar and Chandan Caro moved into the Open Junior Singles finals while Aniket Sen set up a title clash against Akash Pal in the Open Senior Singles, at the highly anticipated 6th MSC Cup All India Invitational Table Tennis Tournament, organized by the Miramar Sports Club in collaboration with the Sports Authority of Goa, at Peddem.

Seen in action during the opening two days of the tournament were numerous young outstation talents, which also featured seasoned India ranked players besides top ranked players and young talents from Goa. Among the notable athletes seen in action were former National champion Arjun Ghosh, top-ranked India players Aniket Sen, Akash Pal, and Shreyash Mane, as well as Goa’s finest State players such as Arvind Kumar, Dhruva Kamat, Selvyn Godinho, Chandan Caro, Pradnya Caro, Samaira Soares, and Rishan Shaikh among others.

The opening days of the tournament featured a series of thrilling individual matches, captivating audiences with intense rallies and remarkable skill. In Open Junior Singles semi finals, Atharv Dhulapkar impressed with his skill and determination, defeating Pradhnya Caro in an enthralling match, with a score of 3-1. In the other semis, Chandan Caro showcased his exceptional talent, overpowering Nihali Patil with a flawless 3-0 victory, securing his place in the finals.

Aniket Sen caused a major upset in Open Senior Singles semi finals, defeating Arjun Ghosh with a score of 3-0, who though was bothered with an injury. Aniket set up a title clash with the inform Akash Pal, the young Bengal player who earlier this year had stunned Commonwealth Gold medallist Sharath Kamal at the UTT National Ranking championship. In Open Senior Singles semis, Akash displayed his incredible skill, overpowering Shreyash Mane with a flawless 3-0 victory, securing his place in the finals.


Open Category (Juniors)

Quarter Finals

Pradhnya Caro beat Ishan Mane 3-2

Nihali Patil beat Rishan Shaikh 3-1

Chandan Caro beat Ananya Joshi 3-0

Atharv Dhulapkar beat Sankalp Bandivadekar 3-2

Semi Finals

Atharv Dhulapkar beat Pradhnya Caro 3-1

Chandan Caro beat Nihali Patil 3-0

Open Category (Seniors)

Quarter Finals

Arjun Ghosh beat Samaira Soares 3-0

Aniket Sen beat Anish Sonatakke 3-0

Akash Pal beat Arvind Kumar 3-0

Shreyash Mane beat Anaya Joshi 3-1

Semi Finals

Aniket Sen beat Arjun Ghosh 3-0

Akash Pal beat Shreyash Mane 3-0


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