The tournament was  organised by Whirlwinds Sports Club in collaboration with Goa Badminton Association and the Sports Authority of Goa

PANAJI: Karan Dhavaskar and Anjana Kumari won double crowns each at the Late Manish Dharwatkar Memorial All-Goa State Badminton Tournament at indoor stadium, Campal.

Karan won the men’s singles and doubles title whereas Anjana won her singles and doubles category in the women’s section.

Karan was ably supported by Sohan Naik as they prevailed over Fredrick Fernandes / Manish Pankhania in a closely fought doubles finals  while Yasmin Sayed teamed up with Anjana to clinch the women’s doubles title. The mixed doubles title was won by Fredrick Fernandes / Pranjal Chimulkar who edged out Sunny Sawant / Yasmin Sayed in an exciting 3-set match. Harsh Mane, Synnovia D’ Souza, Aryaman Saraf and Tanushri Shadani were other notable winners in the singles age-group categories while Yash Desai  / Pranav Naik ; Nyssa Dhupdale / Synnovia D’ Souza; Ayaan Shaikh / Yash Halarnkar; Pratishtha Shenoy / Disha Dutta; and Chetan Magdum / Siya Kolwalkar emerged winners in doubles / mixed-doubles events.


Under 15 Boys Singles

Harsh Mane bt Sarvadnya Khandeparkar 16-14, 15-8

3rd Place – Pranav Naik & Shaheen C.K

Under 15 Girls Singles

Synnovia D’ Souza bt Sriya Saraf 15-10, 15-8 

3rd Place – Nyssa Dhupdale & Soumya Deshpande

Under 19 Boys singles

Aryaman Saraf bt Ayaan Shaikh 15-12, 13-15, 15-13

3rd Place – Yash Halarnkar & Chetan Magdum

Under 19 Girls Singles

Tanushri Shadani bt Janhavi Virnodkar 15-8, 15-7

3rd Place – Riya Haldankar & Aarohi Coutankar

Under 15 Boys Doubles

Yash Desai  / Pranav Naik bt Harsh Mane / Shaheen C.K 15-13, 10-15, 19-17

3rd Place – Aashish Shirodkar / Parasmay Shenoy & Shubham Swamy / Ansh Chaurasia

Under 15 Girls Doubles

Nyssa Dhupdale / Synnovia D’ Souza bt Sriya Saraf / Soumya Deshpande 15-6, 13-15, 16-14

3rd Place – Lakshita Sawal  / Aarohi Coutancar & Minoshka Pereira / Aadya Chaurasia

Under 19 Boys Doubles

Ayaan Shaikh / Yash Halarnkar bt Aryaman Saraf / Chetan Magdum 15-11, 15-13

3rd Place – Parth Kantak / Tejas Suthar & Yash Desai / Abhishek Swamy

Under 19 Girls Doubles

Pratishtha Shenoy / Disha Dutta bt Siya Kolwalkar / Salauni Naik 15-6, 15-6

3rd Place – Tusharika Salgaonkar / Janhavi Virnodkar & Synnovia D’ Souza / Malaika Lobo

Under 19 Mixed Doubles

Chetan Magdum / Siya Kolwalkar bt Aryaman Saraf / Janhavi Virnodkar 15-12, 15-7

3rd Place – Ayaan Shaikh / Riya Haldankar & Yash Desai / Disha Dutta

Men’s Singles

Karan Dhavaskar bt Sadiq Attar 15-10, 15-6

3rd Place – Parteek Mahajan and Arjun Chauhan 

Women’s Singles

Anjana Kumari bt Pranjal Chimulkar 15-12, 12-15, 15-5

3rd Place – Tanushri Shadani & Yasmin Sayed

Women’s Doubles

Anjana Kumari / Yasmin Sayed bt Sriya Saraf  / Soumya Deshpande 15-7, 15-6

3rd Place – Malaika Lobo / Riya Haldankar & Juhi Punia / Sakshi Punia

Men’s Doubles

Karan Dhavaskar / Sohan Naik bt Fredrick Fernandes / Manish Pankhania7-15, 15-3, 17-15

3rd Place – Sunny Sawant / Siraj Khot and Ayaan Shaikh / Sidharth Khot

Senior Mixed Doubles

Fredrick Fernandes / Pranjal Chimulkar bt  Sunny Sawant / Yasmin Sayed 12-15, 15-13, 15-12

3rd Place – Karan Dhavaskar / Gauri Sawant & Manish Pankhania / Sachi Dhavalikar


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