Director Mridul Gupta, writer Manimala Das and producer Dhaniram Tisso of the Karbi feature film Mirbeen, joined for a candid media interaction on the sidelines of the 54th International Film festival of India (IFFI), Goa today.

Mirbeen is a portrayal of the 2005 extremist strife that engulfed Karbi Anglong. Our film is a story about truth and facts, said Director Mridul Gupta.

Talking about the depiction of roots in the film writer Manimala Das said that roots are used throughout the film in many shots giving a strong symbolic arch to the storyline – where people are sustaining attacks to their very roots yet still emerging with resilience.

Manimala Das added that the music in the film is truly organic using only traditional Karbi tunes. “We hope audiences can empathise with Karbi through our film and feel the struggle of Karbi,” said writer Manimala Das.

Manimala Das spoke about the role of handloom in the movie. Textile often proved to be the way of recovery and redemption for the people caught in conflict in Assam. Mirbeen too draws inspiration from her childhood tales of Serdihun – the elusive Goddess of textile in Karbi tribal beliefs. She is instilled with new hope and purpose as she comes out victorious.

Speaking about selection of the movie, producer Dhanoram Tisso said “As a film-maker it is my duty to bring awareness, to tell the story of how people rose from ashes and bloomed out of the shadows of a gloomy past.

Representing the vibrant and dynamic Assamese cinema, the feature Mirbeen, is one of the 15 exceptional films competing for the prestigious Golden Peacock at IFFI 54 and was screened under Indian Panorama section at the festival.

Mirbeen is a compelling tale of hope and resilience. The story follows the life of its central protagonist, Mirbeen, as she fiercely holds on to her dream in the face of relentless adversity. In her struggle, she becomes the embodiment of the Karbi people reflecting their pain and their dauntless spirit.


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