Yaksha, a premium whisky inspired by the fusion of the mystical Soma plant with premium Scotch from the highlands of Scotland, is now available exclusively in Goa, states a press release. The whisky, which is bottled in Goa and is priced at INR 1350 for a 750ml bottle, will soon be available in other parts of India as well.

Yaksha is a rich melange of the finest grain spirits that India has to offer, and supreme quality malt and Scotch that is 5 years aged in first fill Bourbon barrels made of American Oak. The whisky is charcoal filtered to create a refined texture for that perfect smoky finish. The blend represents a fine mix of Ancient Indian treasures with a contemporary awakening. Every sip will highlight the soft smokiness and hints of honey and dates that transports consumers to a realm of mischief, exploration and celebration.

Yaksha is inspired by the mischievous yet benevolent cosmic/celestial beings from ancient Indian folklore. These nature spirits are known to be the custodians of hidden treasures. Soma is considered a mystical elixir that brings immortality and abundance to its patrons. Soma symbolises friendship, fame, ecstasy, and affluence.

Speaking at the launch of Yaksha, Varna Bhat – CEO & Founder, Blisswater Industries Private Limited, said “India’s new consumer takes pride in all that is Indian. This is not just manufactured in India but something that speaks of India in its true identity. This consumer appreciates the premium-ness of a homegrown product. Yaksha is for those who are adventurous, yet deeply rooted in culture and have a hint of mischief.”

She further added, “ Yaksha was created keeping the consumer of today in mind, who wants something as unique and individualized as they are. As a product conceived with the intention of bridging ancient India with its modern future, Yaksha celebrates Indianness to the fullest.”

Yaksha will soon be available across Maharashtra, Pondicherry, Rajasthan, Karnataka and other Indian states. In addition to Maldives & Australia, Blisswater products are positioned to be available in multiple geographies overseas.

Blisswater Industries was established by Varna Bhat, a first-generation entrepreneur with roots in the creative industry of branding and experiential marketing. Varna’s vision is to create a distinct portfolio of products representative of India and its many secrets and treasures.


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