Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant launched the “E-Beat Book App” developed by students of Goa Engineering College, for Goa Police.

Dr Sawant hailed the development, saying: “Congratulations to the innovative minds at Goa Engineering College, for this remarkable contribution to Goa’s vigilance sector. I am certain that this indigenous application will set a precedent for modern solutions that promote transparency, accountability, and efficiency in law enforcement practices.”

DGP Jaspal Singh and senior police officers – IGP Goa Omveer Singh Bishnoi IPS, SP North and Crime Nidhin Valsan IPS; Principal GEC Dr. Krupashankara M.S., Dean IT Nilesh Faldessai, GEL CEO Revathy, Industrialist and Andriod man of Goa Prajyot Mainkar and GEC faculty member Aisha fernandes and Vipin were also present. 

Chief Minister Dr Sawant expressed that E-Beat book will ensure transparency and accountability and he will implement the same in other
departments in the field as well. This is the first time in the country that students are developing solution for a State Police department. In the market, this app costs more than half a crore. The students developed this app free of cost, under the MoU signed between Goa Police and GEC. The app can be given to other Police Organisations as well on demand at nominal rates.

The revolutionary eBeat Book Application

In a ground-breaking partnership between the visionary leaders of the Goa Police organisation and the innovative minds at Goa Engineering College (GEC), a revolutionary step has been taken towards modernising and enhancing policing efforts in the region.

Nidhin Valsan IPS, Superintendent of Police North Goa district, in view of enhancing the beat policing with use of technology spearheaded his vision and under his leadership launched first of its kind
CREATEATHON competition in which student teams from various colleges participated in creating a solution for digitising beat book supported by Dr. Krupashankara M.S., Principal of Goa Engineering College (GEC).

The best team was selected from the CREATEATHON and were motivated and inspired to make the eBeat book a success. This initiative marks a significant advancement in law enforcement technology. The eBeat Book app, carefully developed under the guidance of Dr. Nilesh B. Fal Dessai, Head of the IT Department at GEC, is a cutting-edge digital platform set to replace the traditional physical beat book for monitoring beat areas.

This modern solution not only simplifies data collection but also promotes transparency, accountability and efficiency in policing.

Featuring three interfaces -the Mobile App, Web Dashboard and Admin Panel – the eBeat Book Application is designed for various user roles within the Police hierarchy. Its features include secure access through biometric/Face ID authentication, OTP-based registration, user-friendly profile management, location and person tracking, integration with Maps, and realtime tracking through the Dashboard. The Police Coordinator PI Saroj Divkar, was a key player in ensuring seamless implementation of the project within the Goa Police organization.

Prajyot Mainkar, the Industry Expert, played a pivotal role in guiding the team during the development of the eBeat Book project. His expertise and insights contributed significantly to the success of this innovative initiative. The students, under the guidance of Assistant Prof. Bipin Naik, College Coordinator, have crafted a state-of-the-art digital solution that promises to redefine policing in Goa. Dr. Aisha C. F. Fernandes, a distinguished faculty member at Goa Engineering College, played a crucial role in organizing the Creatathon event within the college. Led by Atharv Parkhe, along with Aryan Ghorpade, Abhinav Kurup, M. Greeshma, Nathan Henriques, Raghuram Shetty, and Ridikesh Dilip Vernekar – the eBeat Book project showcases the collaborative efforts of academia and law enforcement. It highlights the potential for positive change through innovative technology and dedicated team-work, bringing modern policing to the forefront in Goa.


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