Powered by young engineers from Goa, Porvorim-based engineering tech solutions startup, ‘Consstruct’, is in the process of expanding its team to scale up services and meet the demand from US and Scandinavia to other parts of Europe, a top company official said. 

Consstruct, presently employs skilled civil engineers from institutions across Goa including Goa Engineering College (GEC), Don Bosco College of Engineering and others in its civil engineering division which evaluates, assesses and generates reports on large scale construction projects in the US and Europe. All this, while working remotely from Goa. 

According to Rhys Pereira, Head of Operations at ‘Consstruct’, the company already has a footprint in US and Scandinavian markets and undertakes nearly 4,000 international projects annually. Plans are afoot, he says, to expand the company’s operations to the rest of Europe in the areas of building, design, construction quantity estimation and auditing.

“Our team consists of skilled civil engineers, experienced senior architects and other technical and non technical  team members who bring valuable prior experience in the field,” he said, adding that with most of the company’s employees based in Goa, it is easier for the team to communicate and bond without having to think about the logistics. 

Technology intervention in an engineering domain, Pereira said, helps clients cut costs on various fronts, including the use of drones to aid the effort, instead of the conventional practice of facilitating field visits to the site which is a cost-incurring exercise considering that the projects are based in US and Europe.  

“The conventional way of travelling to the site for a visit is costly. The job entails a technical team having to go to the individual sites and come up with a maintenance or reconstruction plan and suggest solutions. This process is time intensive and costly. Our process on the other hand involves setting up a team of drone experts in the specific region who document large sets of  data and share it back with the team in Goa who studies it, evaluates and shares smart engineering reports with the client. This is ideal for large scale developmental projects.

Another factor that comes into play is the cost effectiveness of our process because the dollar is higher as compared to INR as a result of which our (clients in US and Europe) end up paying less while the quality of service is on par with international standards,” he said. 

Pereira added: “Over a period of time we have actively built a sense of credibility and we focus on quality. We train our teams to do cross-disciplinary jobs. They are assigned their own individual projects and more often show comparable results than employees with masters and PhDs in the subject in other countries.”


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