The third monthly meet-up called ‘First Fridays’ (FF) organised by the Creative Community of Goa (CCG), took place in Panaji. The conversations revolved around five key components identified by the CCG: environment, infrastructure, culture, education, and communication technology.

CCG is a growing community of people from the creative industry supported by SITPC and the Department of IT, the Government of Goa, and is associated with the Association of Designers of India through its Goa chapter (ADI-Goa).

‘First Fridays’ promises to serve as a platform for the CCG to come together in a stimulating environment to promote discussion, encourage collaboration, and foster an atmosphere of innovative thinking.

Each ‘First Friday’ event is coordinated by a volunteer, with assistance from the core team at CCG and members of SITPC. Design manager Nigel Gomes led the organisation of ‘First Friday’ Version 3 and commenced the meetup by giving a brief introduction and outlining the agenda. Following that, Darpana Athale from CCG presented a recap of the previous ‘First Friday’ discussion, and subsequently, Strategic Designer & Futurist Sudhir Desai delivered a presentation on the broader scope of design, exploring the structural components of design policy and its potential societal influence in creating value.

The meet-up was planned with a two-fold agenda. The first part of the event was devoted to engaging attendees in discussions for the Design Policy of Goa. These insightful conversations are of utmost importance in shaping the future of the creative industry in Goa.

Attendees actively shared their perspectives on these components, engaging in thorough discussions to explore various facets of the topics.
The second part of the agenda was the introduction to the WIP for the new Creative Community of Goa (CCG) website which would serve as a directory for the CCG and address many other aspects as well. The website featured various categories such as industrial design, communication design, engineering, crafts, music, photography, and more, serving as a comprehensive platform for the creative community in Goa. The website is envisioned as a digital platform for the community, a place to showcase the collective creativity, talent, and vision of Goa’s designers. Beyond being a virtual gallery, it provides a space for interaction and collaboration, further knitting together this community of creatives.

The Creative Community of Goa continues to make strides in fostering the growth of the creative industry with the successful conclusion of its third ‘First Fridays’ meetup. As part of its mission, the upcoming meetup is scheduled to take place in South Goa, stated a press release.


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