Set against the heritage background of the imposing Aguada Jail complex, ‘Floored by Art’ – an unique carpet exposition pays tribute to the master carpet-makers of India and India’s acclaimed artists. The Sunil Sethi Design Alliance presents a spectacular exhibition of handmade carpets that takes art beyond the canvas, states a press release.

The showcase includes the signature works of eminent contemporary Indian painters reproduced on the canvas of carpets. The exhibition features works by celebrated artists S.H Raza, M.F Hussain, Ram Kumar, Sujata Bajaj, etc.

The fashioning of these creations has been authorised and certified by the artists. This work done with pinpoint accuracy is sui generis. The harmony and contrast, the tranquility and vibrancy, the starkness and the drama, are all on display for the viewers to soak in from the ‘one-of-a-kind’ carpets.

Curator Sunil Sethi says, “The organisers at Aguad introduced this location to me and I felt it was just the place to host the exhibition. There is so much history behind it, just as each of the master artists have a history of their own. I am extremely privileged to be here.”

With plenty to do, explore and discover, Aguad opened its doors as a cultural space to the people of Goa on the 16th of November, 2022. The round-the-year cultural calendar will be a montage of local, national and international exhibits and events, lending the place a vibrancy perhaps rarely seen in any other cultural space across the country.

Speaking about the concept behind the activities, Raghvendra Sigh, Chief Programmer, Aguad says, “This area is given out as a cultural space that will have programming for 365 days. It is meant for Goa and the people of Goa to provide them with a kind of cultural programming they can connect to. We want to project it as an innovative, sustainable space that will promote national and international best practices and it has to be a green effort.”

The show will be on display till 14th January 2023 at Customs House Gallery, Aguada Port & Jail Complex, Sinquerim.


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