The Art Hotel Project by Serendipity Arts is the culture partner for the 3rd Developmental Working Group Meeting of G20 being held at the Taj Convention Centre, Dona Paula Goa. The project was specially designed to exhibit some of the rare cultural finds and offerings of the country and Goa with an aim to create a unique cultural experience for all the foreign delegates travelling to the meetings from across the world, states a press release.

The Art Hotel Project at G20, Goa was formally inaugurated at the hands of Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant, K. Nagraj Naidu, Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, Mauvin Godinho, Minister for Transport, Industries, Panchayat Raj & Protocol, Sanjit Rodrigues, Nodal Officer-G20 and Sunil Kant Munjal, Founder & Patron- Serendipity Arts and Chairman & Founder-THE BRIJ.

This project will bring together and share a glimpse of India’s rich and varied craft traditions that have shaped India’s many cultural identities and that continue to be reinvented through innovative applications in modern designs. Through these displays, Serendipity Arts aims to highlight the ways in which arts & culture can shape the histories and trajectories of a subcontinent.

Dr. Pramod Sawant stated that “India has a rich history and our arts and crafts are diverse across regions. This unique Art Hotel Project partnered with Serendipity Arts, provides just the needed opportunity to G20 delegates to understand history, culture and heritage through this amazing setup here which has rare and unique works”.

Mauvin Godinho, Minister for Transport, Industries, Panchayati Raj, Protocol commented that “Providing a unique experience, through culture is important through the G20 meetings. And every land has its own culture and heritage that has been passed down through history. Art and crafts brings it all together and this Art Hotel Project has been tastefully curated here.”

Spread across multiple areas, the Art Hotel Project is divided into portions that will introduce one to our History, give visitors an opportunity to explore our Roots and delve deeper into the Story behind diverse cultural traditions and practices from Goa. Next it will allow people to witness the Design section and experience the modern design innovations made by traditional craftspeople. Then visitors will be invited to the Heritage section, which will present a wide diversity of regional craft forms.

Sunil Kant Munjal, Founder & Patron – Serendipity Arts and Chairman & Founder-THE BRIJ, “We are honoured to be the culture partner for the G20 in Goa and for getting a chance to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the country on a global platform. Over the past few years, we have developed multiple platforms for the arts and for creative professionals across South Asia, as we firmly believe that they bring people, regions and cultures together and give us a chance to celebrate the richness of our culture. We also remain steadfast in our commitment towards making Goa a cultural hub, and are grateful to the State Government and its various departments for supporting this journey.’’

Along with these craft forms, Serendipity Arts is also putting together a ‘Tinto’. In every Goan village, the marketplace was the vibrant, colourful focus of every local’s daily life. Tinto, adjacent to a village market, is a gathering space for communities and a meeting point for conversations. This Tinto promises to offer high-quality and reasonably priced objects that will serve as enduring reminders of your time at G20!

From Clothing by Goa Adivasi Parampara to Books & Stationery by LaFabrica Craft and traditional Beauty & Skincare by Kuva Botanicals and Quinta Essentia Organic, there is something for everyone. You cannot go back home without Spices by Vnya of the Wild, and also take joy in celebrating design by Goa Decor, Maracujá Art Studio, Lost Vedas and many more.

Serendipity Arts has worked with Craft curators and researchers who have worked with them over the years in various capacities. Much of Serendipity Arts’ commitment to nurturing and providing a platform to the diverse craft cultures of India has been shaped and bolstered by the constant support of curators and artists like Anjana Somany, Ayush Kasliwal, Chandrika Grover, Jyotindra Jain, Jutta Jain-Neubauer, Kristine Michael, Laila Tyabji, Manjari Narula, Pramod Kumar KG, and Rashmi Varma.

Along with the curators a large pool of talented craftspeople and designers have worked tirelessly to sustain and revive India’s various craft traditions and practices, across the years through various initiatives of Serendipity Arts. It is because of their devotion that we now have a legacy to share with the world, these craftspeople are Ahsan Ali, Akber Khan, Bhuvnesh Prasad, Dinesh Chandra Kumhar, ‘Furgonomics’ by Untitled Design, Iqbal Ahmed, Jai Prakash, Mohammed Ghoush, Mohan Kumar Verma, Om Prakash Galav, Oorja Designs LLP, Priyanka Narula, Ram Soni, Rajesh T. Acharya, Shankar Vishwakarma, Sukumar Gudigar and Sundaribai.


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