PANAJI: Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) is India’s flagship initiative to create and promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship with over 5000 ‘Mentors of Change’ helping realise the potential of the stakeholders under Niti Aayog’s guidance. Goa’s Sunaya Shirodkar has recently been appointed a Regional Mentor of Change (R-MoC) for the State.

Founder-Director of ASIER Solutions (OPC) Pvt Ltd, which is recognised by Govt of India’s DPIIT, Sunaya is excited about the new challenge. “The programme is designed to spur the spark of creativity and go beyond regular curriculum and text-book learning,” she told livenewsgoa.com.

Sunaya, who worked as an Assistant-Professor in the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication at an Engineering institute for six years, launched her ed-tech startup ASIER in 2019. A master of engineering (ME) with specialisation in Electronics and Instrumentation and a BE in Electronics and Tele-Communication, Sunaya is an expert in ‘Robotics’.

When asked about her latest achievement and responsibility attached, Sunaya explained: “The role of R-MoC is to be closely working with AIM team to guide and assist the state mentor community for mentoring the mentors, activating the mentors, solving their operational problems, training and innovate events.”

“STEM (science, technology, engineering,  math) awareness is what I am looking out for the state as it will foster ingenuity and creativity, encourages knowledge application. That will encourage tech use and encourage problem solving. The future generation needs to know this to make the world a better place,” Sunaya added while also underlining the hard work and resilience as the key factors in her success.

The unprecedented Pandemic times have brought on a number of difficulties for the Gen Next. So what’s Sunaya’s advice to them? “I feel this time will pass and we need to be ready for the future. The Pandemic has given students a chance to explore the world through the digital platform. It’s a huge opportunity and the goal should be for all children to become lifelong learners and develop the full breadth of skills and competencies—from literacy to problem-solving to collaboration—that they will need to access a changing world of work and be constructive citizens in society. So never stop learning is the only message that I would like to give to all the students out there.”

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