Libia Lobo Sardesai, a distinguished freedom fighter, on the momentous occasion of her 100th birthday was felicitated on behalf of department of Tourism by Suneel Anchipaka, Director of Tourism, Government of Goa and Managing Director, GTDC. This celebration was not merely a recognition of her centennial milestone but a heartfelt tribute to her extraordinary contributions to Goa’s history and development and being associated with the Department of Tourism at that time.

Libia Lobo holds a historic distinction that underscores her profound impact on the region: she was the first Director of Tourism for liberated Goa, Daman, and Diu. In this pioneering role, she worked for the betterment of the tourism sector in Goa during her tenure.

The felicitation ceremony was a fitting tribute to Libia Lobo’s enduring legacy. It celebrated not only her pivotal role in the freedom struggle alongside her husband, Padma Shri (late) Vaman Sardesai, but also her involvement with the Department of Tourism, Government of Goa at that time. Her century of life stands as a testament to her indomitable spirit and her lasting influence on the history and prosperity of Goa.

Libia Lobo, together with her husband,  who was appointed as Ambassador of Angola, played a crucial role in Goa’s freedom struggle. The couple demonstrated extraordinary courage and dedication by operating an underground radio station that broadcast vital information from November 1955 until the liberation of Goa on December 20, 1961. Their efforts provided invaluable support to the liberation movement, keeping the spirit of resistance alive and informed. When the freedom fighters finally came out victorious, it was Libia Lobo Sardesai that went around in the Indian Air Force (IAF) plane announcing that Goa is finally free.

Anchipaka expressed profound admiration and respect for Libia Lobo Sardesai’s indomitable spirit and her invaluable contributions to Goa’s liberation movement. He highlighted her unwavering commitment and tireless efforts, which played a pivotal role in securing Goa’s freedom.

The felicitation ceremony was not only a tribute to her remarkable legacy but also a heartfelt acknowledgment of her enduring impact on the state’s history and tourism sector. Through her dedication and sacrifice, Libia Lobo has left an indelible mark on Goa, inspiring generations and enhancing the cultural richness that continues to attract visitors from around the world. Her contributions have significantly shaped the narrative of Goa’s liberation and its subsequent development as a vibrant and historical tourist destination. Her story is a legacy that every person of Goa should know especially the younger generation for it inspires unwavering spirit and resilience, states a press release.


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