Although Goa Miles app exists, the Goa Taxi app coming into existence now, will not lead to any kind of chaos in the transportation sector in the state; is what the line of thinking is as the Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant launched the service on Friday. Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte and GTDC Chairman Dr Ganesh Gaonkar were also present.

“No doubt that the Goa Miles app is getting a good response, but we need to provide more facilities, make options available and see that there is competition also. As such, those who do not want to take Goa Miles app service, can go with the Goa Taxi app. I call upon the Goan taxi operators to come on board,” asserted Dr Sawant, who revealed that 500 taxi operators have joined the app created by Goa Electronics Ltd.

“Over the last four years, the government has been striving to bring in innovative technology in various sectors. As such, the government endeavoured to boost the ease of living and happiness index. Safety is also important and all these aspects are crucial for quality tourists that we seek,” stated CM.

In the wake of series of accidents, the Chief Minister stressed that this app will be helpful in reducing the road accidents. The Goa Taxi app will also add to the safety aspect especially for single woman travelling in the night, he added.

Tourism and IT Minister, Rohan Khaunte expressed satisfaction with the response to the App over a six-month trial period ahead of today’s launch.

“Today, marks the launch of the Goa Taxi App, which has been made free of cost. Tourism is a significant component of our state and hence hassle-free transportation is crucial. This app will be handed over to those in charge of taxi services. Both tourists and the local Goan population will benefit from it. In terms of price, we’ll use prices approved by the Director of Transportation. This service has been running at the Mopa airport over a counter for the previous six months. The results have been favorable since more than 500 vehicles are plying on Goa Taxi App. So far, we have served approximately 30,000 tourists.  We will ensure that it’s offered not only in coastal belts but also near industrial estates to encourage carpooling and other initiatives. It is a hassle-free, 24/7 booking service. Another feature is that instant feedback can be given by passengers and they can even rate the drivers. Plus, a call centre is available in the event of misbehavior. There is also an SOS emergency centre for women,” explained Khaunte.

‘Goa Taxi’ App can be downloaded from Google Playstore.

Key Features of the ‘Goa Taxi’ App:

• Mobile app for driver registration and booking.
• Cab hailing service for residents of the state and tourists arriving in the state.
• Real-time updates to the driver, passenger, and command centre.
• Dynamic fare – based on time of day, location, and routes.
• Integration with Google Maps for location services.
• Payment – integration with Payment Gateways for – Wallet, Cards, and UPI payment.
• Cash payment.
• SOS for the passenger (in case of an emergency).
• SOS for the driver (in case of an accident/breakdown).


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