An emotional journey of individuals is impacted by the power of the Universe and this philosophy forms the crust of the Maithili film ‘Lotus Blooms’, which tells the Asmita Sharma-written story based on a mother-child relationship, directed by Pratik Sharma.

The film shot in the interiors of Bihar, does not have too many dialogues as Pratik revealed that the nuances of cinema has been used in the maximum manner to convey the emotions and yet be entertaining.

One of the most experienced theatre artist and renowned actor Akhilendra Mishra plays an important role in the film. During an interaction with the media delegates on Thursday, he said: “My association with the project came about as I understood that this is a cinema and not merely a film! I consider myself fortunate to be part of Lotus Blooms and here I am in front of you at my first IFFI.”

In the changing atmosphere of Indian film industry, movies like Lotus Blooms also bring to the fore the thought process of the film-makers as those like Pratik Sharma are putting their mind to understanding that they have a duty towards the society. “People follow the characters from the cinema and that impacts the day to day life. Even my son tells us that an icon has preached a particular information on the screen and he needs to use it. So, it is our responsibility as a film-maker to introspect about what we are dishing out, hence it is our continuing endeavour to provide a good message to the society while also taking care of the commercials to keep the producers with us,” asserted Pratik Sharma, who was formerly attached with Sony TV.

Lotus Blooms has not yet released in theatres and will travel the festival circuit for some more time. The problems for the film-maker range from technical aspects to the financial hurdles. “I have even been told, Maithili film does not have a market…! See, you have to believe in cinema and make your film, because cinema is not about a language. It is about how you express, and the market will take shape automatically,” stated Pratik Sharma.

Producer, writer and actor Asmita is a huge believer in the blessing of the Universe. “When we are in the surrender mode, the Universe provides a solution. The film has been gripped by emotions, and simple gestures set up the premise of this crafty film,” said Asmita.

Lotus Blooms: 2021 | Maithili | Colour | 102 mins.

Director: Pratik Sharma
Producer: APT Studios
Screenplay: Asmita Sharma, Pratik Sharma
Cinematographer: Midhun Chandran
Editor: Pratik Sharma
Cast: Master Ath, Asmita Sharma, Prabhat Raghunandan, Parvez Akhtar, Akhilendra Mishra, Chandrashekhar, Anil Mishra.


The film is about faith in the fundamental goodness of mother nature and humanity. The lotus of the conscience blooms only when it is connected with mother nature and with one’s inner nature, the soul. The protagonist (Saraswati) is a symbol of mother nature, who is vast, filled with love, has indomitable power to accept, is full of the spirit of giving and therefore, even the insensitive and indulgent acts of society cannot destroy the tenderness and simplicity she has.


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