The State Commission for Persons with Disabilities, in association with the Department for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Government of Goa, Cultural House of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and ‘We Care Festival’ presented the Indo-Iranian Film Festival on Disability Issues. The event held at Maquinez Place, aimed at raising awareness and promoting inclusivity.

Subhash Phal Dessai, Minister for Social Welfare, E Vallavan, Secretary, IAS, Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Guruprasad Pawaskar, State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Varsha Naik, Director of DEPWD, Satish Kapoor, Founding President of ‘We Care Film Festival’ and Mohammad Reza Fazel, Director of the Cultural House of the Islamic Republic of Iran, graced the occasion.

Phal Dessai highlighted the significance of such initiatives, stating, “Persons with disabilities deserve equality, the right to education, and all other fundamental rights. They should be able to live dignified lives without discrimination. Film festivals like this one aim to raise awareness and foster understanding. The teachers who have brought their students here are contributing to a lasting impact on young minds. These students are fortunate to experience this at an early age and will become ambassadors and pillars for future advocacy.”

Guruprasad Pawaskar added: “The purpose of these movie screenings is to promote widespread sensitisation across the state. Our goal is to foster an inclusive environment where individuals and students with disabilities are given equal opportunities and treated with respect. We commend Satish Kapoor, Founding President of the We Care Film Festival, for his efforts and dedication. His contribution to Purple Fest, curating over 100 films for children, is truly admirable.”

The movie screenings will also take place in Sankhali on June 27th and in Margao on June 28th. The theme of the Purple Fest 2024 was also played during the inaugural. Additionally, one of the films from the list, “Fish and Eye,” was also played during the inaugural in the presence of the dignitaries, followed by an interactive session with the students about the messages and learnings they gained from the movie.

The festival featured wide-ranging mix of films that highlight the challenges and triumphs of individuals with disabilities. Among the notable screenings were “The Fish” by Babak, “The Feet in the Sand,” “Son of Sun” by Rad Pourjabbar, “I’m Enough” by RachnaPrasad, “Fayaz,” “I’m a Man” by Amin Ali Shahsavari, “I Won’t Remain” by Yaser Talebi, “The Silent Epidemic” by Akshat Gupta, “The Raid” by Pooria Soleimani, and “Saksham Lok” by AyushNagpal. These films collectively narrated stories of resilience, creativity, and the human spirit.

The film festival, emphasises resilience and creativity of those living with disabilities and aims to foster greater understanding and empathy within our society, stated a press release.


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