Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd. (IPSCDL) is leading the way in sustainable infrastructure development by adopting the innovative ‘Wellpoint System’ for a crucial project in St. Inez. This eco-friendly approach will facilitate the installation of a 150-metre pipe connecting the site to the St.Inez Creek, while minimising environmental impact, states a press release.

The Wellpoint System utilises a network of strategically placed wells equipped with high-capacity water pumps, some reaching nearly 200 horsepower. These pumps effectively lower the groundwater level within a designated excavation area, allowing for safe and efficient construction activities, even at depth exceeding 6 metres. In the case of St. Inez, four such water pumps have been deployed to expedite the dewatering process.


Environmentally Friendly: Unlike traditional excavation methods that can lead to significant water runoff and soil erosion, the Wellpoint System minimises environmental impact by:

Extracting only a localised amount of water, primarily filtered water through sand and gravels as natural filters to prevent soil erosion .

Efficient and Cost-Effective:

The Wellpoint System allows for faster and more efficient excavation compared to traditional methods.

Reduced project timelines translate to cost savings.

Safer Working Conditions:

By lowering the groundwater level, the Wellpoint System creates a stable and controlled environment for workers, minimising safety risks.

The Chief General Manager (CGM), Eduardo J. Pereira  said: “At Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd. (IPSCDL), we are constantly seeking innovative solutions that prioritise both progress and environmental responsibility. The Wellpoint System deployed in St. Inez exemplifies this commitment. This technology allows us to efficiently complete crucial infrastructure projects while minimising our impact on the surrounding ecosystem. We are confident that the Wellpoint System will not only benefit this specific project but also serve as a blueprint for future sustainable development initiatives across Panaji. IPSCDL has introduced numerous technologies while undertaking Smart City projects in Panaji. The use of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and now the Wellpoint System demonstrates our dedication to innovation. This is the first time that Wellpoint technology has been adopted in Goa, specifically in Panaji, and we are confident it will yield excellent results, helping us complete our work in St. Inez on schedule. IPSCDL acknowledges and appreciates the support and patience demonstrated by the people of Panaji and assures them that these smart city initiatives will significantly benefit the capital city.” 


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