JSW Paints, India’s leading environment-friendly paints company and part of US$ 22 billion JSW Group, has introduced ‘Vogue’ range of finishes that offers curated wall-effects to enhance décor at home. The company extends its “Think Beautiful” promise to Vogue by offering luxurious effects to create fashionable walls for the modern, cosmopolitan Indian consumer; states a press release.

Vogue is inspired by the latest trends in fashion and culture to bring alive walls at home.

Vogue encourages imagination and creativity in creating effects for walls that bring out luxury, style & uniqueness. To kick-start the imagination, Vogue has introduced 8 exclusive wall effects. They are inspired by elements of nature and culture.

Bandhej captures the aesthetic beauty of one of the oldest Indian techniques of fabric pattern.

On the other hand, the Ikat effect captures the blurry yet charming technique of colouring fabric permeating luxury across the living space.

While the Blaze effect embodies passion & confidence, the Stacks effect infuses a classic, relaxed look that creates a lovely accent on the wall. If one is a fan of pastels and loves the serene look, then Horizon brings forth that feeling.

The Thatches effect gives a country-style décor look. It is rustic, timeless and feels homely. While Thatches helps connect one with their roots, the Orbital effect takes one on an adventurous journey into space. Continuing with love for astronomy, the Meteor effect is meticulously designed to replicate the mesmerising beauty of a meteoroid shower.

A S Sundaresan, Joint MD and CEO, JSW Paints said, “Vogue by JSW Paints is a designer collection of luxurious visual effects for walls. We are delighted to bring forth a curated collection of fashionable effects, inspired by India, Nature and Space. These aim to unleash your imagination and delightfully decorate homes with rich visual effects and textures.”

Vogue is available in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic colours to transform the walls of every Indian home.


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