by  Sanatkumar Phadte

Jyoti Mehta’s art exhibition titled ‘Timeless Ties: A Mother’s Memoir’ is set to be a treat for art-lovers!

The stirring exhibition is on at Majorda in South Goa and shall continue till March 3, 2024 for five days in a week from Wednesday to Sunday with a timing schedule of 10 am to 7 pm.  

Mehta’s art-works contain graceful figures, interesting colour schemes and textures. It shows conventional subjects in a new light and expression. Her paintings have an intimate experience between her and her subject depicting intensity and expressiveness. Some of her notable works displayed in the exhibition are based on various themes, which include “Hide and Seek”, ” Love grows here”, ” Divine Music”, ” Aisi Lagi Lagan”, ” Lost in Words”, “Playing Teacher Teacher”, “Trip Memories” and “Disappearing Distances”.

Mehta’s composition depicts the family and cultural values, learning and sharing of knowledge and passing on the tradition. The visitors can easily connect with the art works as everyone must have experienced some of the emotions at certain stages in their life. The exhibition will surely be a creative and visual treat for locals and visitors at Majorda.


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