The Office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Govt of Goa; in association with All India Deaf Arts and Cultural Society (AIDACS), New Delhi, and Goa Association of the Deaf will organise the 10th Miss and Mister Deaf India 2023, an annual beauty pageant for the deaf youth of India as part of the Purple Fest, to be held from 6th to 8th January’2023.

The event which will be held at the Gera School (TGS) Auditorium, Old Goa provides the deaf youth community of India with a national platform to showcase their talent and venture into the mainstream fashion industry. It also opens the doors for them to pursue any other dreams in such a field. The winners eventually participate in the Miss and Mister Deaf International, Europe, and Asia pageants, stated a press release.

For the past 20 years AIDACS has been organising events for both senior as well as
Junior category for the deaf community in dance, drama and mime which is then presented in front of the public. Taking inspiration from Miss and Mister Deaf International held in 2008-2009, AIDACS decided to have the event, Miss and Mister Deaf India, to encourage the deaf youth of India to give them a platform to showcase their talents with the sole aim of empowering the deaf. It was also started to let the youth compete at an international level further.

This year the All India Deaf Arts and Cultural Society will be coordinating with the Office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Goa and Goa Association of the Deaf (GAD) to organise this event in Goa as part of the upcoming Purple Fest in January 2023 where it will be witnessed by a diverse audience.

The event has four rounds. First will be a casual round where the participants will be
Dressed in casuals that is in jeans, t-shirts, etc. Culture round where in the contestants
from different states will dress up with their traditional state clothing thus promoting their culture. Formal round with gowns and suits and lastly a talent round where by the participants will present their talents may it be dance, mime, etc. Since the contestants are deaf or are hard of hearing the question and answer round will be through Indian sign language. For the smooth communication between the audience and the contestants professional sign interpreters are appointed.

Speaking on the occasion, Taha Haaziq, Secretary, Office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities stated: “We are looking forward to the 10th Miss and Mister Deaf India 2023 and believe this event will provide great opportunities for persons with hearing impairments in Goa, as this kind of event will be held in Goa for the first time”.

“Our expectations are very high. It will give our deaf community from Goa a different
exposure and experience. Hopefully, it will inspire and motivate our deaf youth to venture into the mainstream of fashion,” says Prasad Joshi, General Secretary of the Goa Association of the Deaf.

“We are very excited to have the 10th Miss and Mister Deaf India in Goa with positive
support from the Office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, and GAD. Goa is full of energy and we are working hard to make this event a memorable one. Arrangements for bus and train services are being done for the other states to promote the event” said Monica Punjabi Verma, Vice President of AIDACS.

The event is expected to be a memorable one for all the participants and the audience, who will witness this event as it truly promotes the value of empowerment, equality, and inclusion. For the past nine years the event has been a great success. It has also given a platform for the winners to achieve new titles at international levels. Miss Deaf Asia has been won by Nishtha, Deshana and Varsha previously. Vidisha Baliyan went on to win the Miss Deaf World in 2019.


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