by Sanatkumar Phadte

Vasco-based Studio 07 Fine Art Academy puts up an annual painting exhibition since last seven years. The platform provides immense encouragement to art students and the recent exhibition held in Panaji, saw fine work on the canvas. Apeksha Nadkarni, the Studio 07 owner and artist behind this initiative, feels that women artists face a challenging goal of pursuing the art profession while handling family responsibilities.

Nadkarni’s encounter with painting and art started during her childhood as she would engage in painting, rangoli, mehandi and different sketches. Graduating from the Goa College of Art in 2009 transformed her journey as an artist on the professional level. In October 2014, she started her own venture ‘Studio 07’, a painting studio.    

Www.LiveNewsGoa.Com caught up with Nadkarni and here are excerpts of the interview.                              

LNG. What is at the core of your art?
AN: My work is based on women and nature. I believe that women have long been associated with nature. Feminine energy and nature seems to have an overwhelming impact on me and acting as a creative being. Figures emerged from within and seemingly semi-abstract forms and nature holds a special place in my paintings.                                 

LNG: What is the essence of Studio 07 Fine Art Academy?
AN: Fine Art Academy was started in 2015 and today it is a reputed fine art academy and studio at Vasco. We create a platform for art students by conducting art campus, workshops, drawing competition, clay-moulding during Ganesh Chaturthi and annual art show comprising of paintings made by students.                                 

LNG: What is your take on the concept of art and how have you explored the art through the exhibitions?                        
AN: For me art is a refresher of your mind and life. Paintings speak the language of peace and happiness. Nature holds special place in art. Every artist’s pre-occupation with the idea of energy, can be seen from their paintings. I have done many exhibitions till date, some of which include – exhibitions in Delhi’s Pragati Maidan (United Art Fair), Lalita Kala Academy (SAMITHA Workshops), International Artist Camp and painting exhibition by Tellus Art and group shows along with solo exhibition with Goan artists.       

LNG: What is your message for artists, specially women?

AN: For women artists, it is a challenging goal which we have to achieve while handling kids and household responsibilties. Women should be simple and grounded. They should remain connected to their roots. Whichever field they venture, they should work with full heart and dedication. There are no shortcuts!


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