PANAJI: Indian scientist Dr. Rajah Vijaykumar’s invention, Shycocan, is claiming to be the world’s 1st virus attenuation device that can disable the Coronavirus with up to 99.9 percent efficacy in enclosed spaces.

The product information on the Company’s website, says: “Shycocan is a company founded at the promising cusp of technology and health. What began as an attempt to address the spread of Seasonal Flus and infections in 2018 by building the device, became a watershed moment for us when the pandemic hit the world. We realized that this technology would be equally effective in protecting us from the deadly Coronavirus as well. Shycocan was sent to leading laboratories for testing and the results showed what we already knew, up to 99.9%* efficacy in disabling the Coronavirus. It was also subjected to the full spectrum of tests for safety and the device unquestionably excelled in all of them. Today it is ready to help businesses reopen with confidence to both employees and customers. Life can go back to normal!.”

“Shycocan covers an area of 10,000 cubic feet or 1,000 sq feet for space with a roof of 10 feet height. Multiple devices may be installed for larger spaces and placed as per the recommendation of our trained service professionals,” answers one of the FAQs.

Explaining the working of the Shycocan, the Company claims: “Shycocan continuously emits photons that form an electron cloud effect in an indoor space. The negative charged electrons attach to the virus and neutralize its positive charge thereby disabling it. Hence, the device works on positively charged capsid viruses, namely, the Coronavirus & the Influenza virus families; and not on bacteria and fungi. Thus, Shycocan is equally effective against all types and variants of Coronavirus and Influenza virus families due to the positive charge of their shell.

“Photons also called ‘light quantum’ travel at the speed of light. They do not have mass or a charge. Shycocan produces photons of a specific frequency and intensity that on striking aerosols, microscopic impurities, viral particles, solid surfaces, walls etc in an enclosed space produce an electron. These electrons are produced just for an instant and get dissipated. However, due to the continuous operation the electrons are always present and neutralise the positive charge on the shell of the Coronavirus thereby disabling its ability to infect another host. This is called virus attenuation.”


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