Goa-based marathoners consider the forthcoming, 12th SKF Goa River Marathon scheduled to be held in Chicalim on Sunday December 11, as their “favourite marathon”; states a press release.

Pritiva Lobo (52), Margao-based school teacher and regular half-marathoner said, “The Goa river marathon was my first marathon and hence is always close to my heart. I have been running in this race since 2013.”

Likewise, Sheetal Pai Kane ( 50), Porvorim-based fashion designer said, “I love the Goa river marathon because it is organised by the runners for the runners and hence very unique.”

Amit Sardesai ( 47), Chicalim-based civil engineer said, “I started running the Goa river marathon in the year 2013 and have not missed any event till date and hope to run here for a long time.”

While Kabir Pinto Makhija, Panaji-based real estate businessman said, “The Goa river marathon has a very scenic route and is organised in my home state, making it very special.”

It is clear that running has become part and parcel of their lives for these Goa based runners. “Running gives me a lot of happiness and keeps me fit and healthy,” said Pritiva, while Amit said, “Running started as a means to lose excess weight, but has now become a very important part of my daily life.”

Kabir, who admits being a sportsman from a young age says, “I took to long distance running 12 years ago to challenge myself and push my boundaries.”

The excitement among these runners is very high. Sheetal and her “Run for Life” group are organising a promotional run for the SKF Goa river marathon in the Salvadore de Mondo area at 6am on Saturday, November 26. “We run past very scenic backwaters and are hoping that a lot of local runners will join us for this run,” Sheetal said.

To register for the 12th SKF Goa River Marathon, visit: www.skfgoarivermarathon.com


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