Renowned for over a century as the perfectionist of crystal craftsmanship and timeless elegance, Swarovski announced the launch of its newest store in Goa. This exciting chapter in Swarovski’s rich history unfolds as the brand continues to polish luxury, making crystal a lifestyle statement for the modern generation, states a press release.

Swarovski consistently adapts to the changing jewellery industry while staying committed to its roots. The recent Goa store opening is a strategic step towards making luxury accessible. Swarovski’s modern elegance represents limitless possibilities, illuminating fashion, entertainment, science, and design.

What sets Swarovski apart from its competitors is a legacy that spans more than 130 years, characterized by rich heritage and craftsmanship. Swarovski’s savoir-faire, anchored in Austria since 1895, is a tribute to generations of craftspeople honing the legacy of precision cutting as Masters of Light.

Swarovski, known for its vibrant jewellery and fashion accessories, promotes the idea of joyful extravagance. Through its five radiant colours, the brand encourages self-expression and the celebration of individuality. The product-led, customer-inspired, and culturally relevant approach makes it maximally chic and boldly unique.

The Goa store introduces Swarovski’s new retail concept, “WonderColor,” a creative and vibrant space paying homage to the beauty of crystals. This playful, aware, and boldly chic space is designed to reflect desires and dreams, encouraging exploration and self-expression. The delectable pink colour palette enhances the overall experience, associated with Swarovski’s jewellery as the ultimate expression of playful yet striking individuality.

The decision to open a Swarovski store in Goa was thoughtfully considered. Factors like the steady influx of both locals and tourists all year round, the strategic location in Panaji’s bustling high street market, and the potential to attract a large number of female customers were all taken into account. Also, the store mainly targets the post-90s generation and plans to focus on GenZ customers in 2024.

Swarovski aims to be more than a jewellery brand, going beyond into a ‘Crystal lifestyle.’ The brand anticipates customers welcoming crystal as a part of their lifestyle, moving beyond products.

Lars Schmidt, Managing Director at Swarovski, expressed his excitement, stating: “We are thrilled to bring Swarovski’s world of shimmering brilliance to Goa! The opening of our new store marks a significant milestone in our commitment to offering unparalleled luxury experiences across India.”

As the Master of Light, Swarovski’s mission is to offer customers happiness by sparking their dreams with beautiful products and a unique journey through luxury. Apart from jewellery, Swarovski offers watches, home décor, and crystal figurines. Globally, the brand has collaborated with celebrated names such as PUMA, BMW, and Marina Raphael, among others. Swarovski looks forward to bringing unique collaborations and offerings to the Indian audience as well in the future.


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