The rising global e-waste crisis has raised widespread alarm, and India is no stranger to this pressing issue. The informal sector’s improper management of e-waste has resulted in significant environmental dangers and health hazards for people involved. Shockingly, a mere 20% of e-waste in India undergoes formal recycling, even as the country generated an astounding 3.2 million tonnes of e-waste in the fiscal year 2019-20.

In response to this critical challenge and in alignment with Prime Minister’s recent call during the 97th Mann Ki Baat episode for heightened awareness regarding proper e-waste disposal to safeguard our environment, the Technology Development Board (TDB) proudly announces its strategic support for M/s Eco Recycling Limited, a Mumbai-based public limited company. This innovative e-waste management project has been greenlit with financial support of ₹6.00 crores from TDB, against the total project cost of ₹12.00 crores.

The core of this project is the ‘Recycling on Wheels Smart ER’ an innovative approach that seeks to curb and bridge the gaps in e-waste management. This innovative solution offers a multi-faceted approach

The project’s workflow is methodically designed for maximum efficiency:

•  Deploy the pre-processing of e-waste on Wheels Facility at the site.

•  Scanning & serialization of the e-waste devices.

•  Feeding the devices in the shredder for shredding.

•  Shredded material drops in the bins below the shredder under secured cage.

•  Environmentally benign collection of the shredded e-waste.

In today’s changing regulatory landscape, even the informal sector is open to more formal e-waste management. Moreover, it goes beyond the ordinary by offering skill development for informal sector workers, aligning with their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and showing commitment to both environmental sustainability and better livelihoods.

This versatile project serves Special Economic Zones (SEZs), R&D centres, and similar places, catering to diverse needs. What makes this project unique is that no similar “Recycling on Wheels” setup exists in India, it is one of its kind. It not only fills a crucial gap in e-waste management but also promises a positive impact on society.

The distinguishing feature of the shredded e-waste collection lies in its potential to enhance transportation efficiency while simultaneously reducing costs and labour requirements. Furthermore, in the project’s second phase, the company envisions processing the shredded waste to extract precious metals, thereby making a valuable contribution to the concept of a circular economy.

Rajesh Kumar Pathak, Secretary, TDB, remarked: “TDB is proud to support M/s Eco Recycling Limited’s visionary proposal for the ‘Recycling on Wheels Facility.’ This project represents a significant step towards achieving ‘Waste Free Cities’ and addressing the e-waste challenge in India. It exemplifies our commitment to promoting innovation, environmental sustainability, and positive societal impact.”


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