PANAJI: Union Bank of India has urged its custormers not to use the old cheques for transactions while “continuously requesting” the customers to replace old unused cheques with new cheques having additional security features.

An emailed statement from the Bank reads: “In compliance of RBI’s directives issued on 01.07.2016 for strengthening the controls in cheque presenting/passing process, our Bank during December 2017 had introduced security features in the cheque itself and provided these cheques to customers as per their requirements. Meanwhile, to safeguard our customers against any such fraudulent intentions, Bank is continuously requesting the customers to replace old unused cheques (issued prior to December 2017) with these new cheques having additional security features.

“It is observed that still many customers are using old cheques for their transactions. Certain instances are also noticed where the customers have destroyed these cheques at their end, however, the same is not informed to the Branch for scrapping out these cheques in CBS (Core Banking Solution) system. It is observed that some of our customers are having cheques prior to December 2010 period also (i.e. pre CTS-2010) which also needs to be replaced with new cheques having additional security features.

“Please note that old chequebooks are being phased out with new ones w.e.f. 01.07.2021. We therefore request you to contact your Base branch for replacement of old cheque book with new cheque book well before the said date. If you have already issued cheques from old cheque books, please get it replaced with new cheque immediately. On receipt of confirmation from you, Bank will delete the old cheque book records from Core Banking Solution (CBS) system.

“Please inform your Branch Manager if the cheques are destroyed at your end so that the same are also deleted in our CBS (Core Banking Solution) system.”

Union Bank of India has also issued a directive to the customers of e-Andhra Bank and e-Corporation Bank. “In order to extend ease & comfort to customers of e-Andhra Bank & e-Corporation Bank after their amalgamation with Union Bank of India w.e.f. 01.04.2020, necessary dispensation was obtained from RBI for usages of old chequebooks issued by e-AB & e-CB in Amalgamated Entity which is valid till 30.06.2021. RBI has also informed that this is final extension in dispensation & in no case it will be extended beyond 30.06.2021. As per RBI directives, all old chequebooks issued by Branches of e-Andhra Bank & e-Corporation Bank will not be effective in usage from 01.07.2021. Hence, all such customers are requested to immediately contact their Branch Manager and replace their old chequebooks with new chequebooks much before 30.06.2021,” says the statement.


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