They say an Argentinian’s personality translates into a Tango – dramatic and full of passion. It is no wonder then that art and entertainment are so central to a country known not only for the Tango but also for a very robust and impressive history of film-making.

Argentina was one of the first countries to import Lumiere’s cinématographe in 1896, only a year after its launch in Paris. The world’s first animated feature film, El apóstol was also made in Argentina. New Argentine Cinema has been spearheaded by the likes of Lucrecia Martel, Martin Rejtman and Pablo Trapero. From this country with such a rich tradition of cinema, the 53rd International Film Festival of India brings to you 7 handpicked Argentinian films.

The 2021 film ‘Seven Dogs’ directed by Rodrigo Guerrero has been nominated for the coveted Golden Peacock under the International Competition category. The film is the Argentinian director’s fourth feature. With a run-time of just over 80 minutes, the film explores the bond between a man and his pets.

The film ‘Self Defence’ directed by Andrea Braga is in the running for the Award for Best Debut Feature of a Director. The film follows the story of a prosecutor who returns to his hometown to try and solve a series of homicides connected to his past.

Other films of Argentinian origin that will be screened in the festival are Miss Viborg (2022), The borders of Time (2021), The Substitute (2022), Robe of Gems (2022) and Eami (2022).

So, if you have known Argentina only for its football legends till now, get ready to sit back and experience the county’s cinematic brilliance in Goa this November 2022!


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