In its endeavour for the betterment of infrastructure of the country, Association of Infrastructure Industry (India) and JK Cement Limited have created an independent platform for the academia and leaders from the construction industry to share knowledge for the betterment of construction for a better Bharat.  The one hour session of the specially curated “Technology of Home Knowledge Series – Masterclass was held in Goa on 12th November 2022 on various aspects of construction in India, states a press release.

The knowledge series was attended by practising civil engineers and architects of Goa in large numbers. Association of Infrastructure Industry (India) and JK Cement Limited aimed to bring knowledge to the city of practise for the civil engineers and architects to empower them for better work. In this series Prof. (Dr.) Sudhir Misra from IIT Kanpur spoke to practising Civil engineers and Architects on topic relevant for the betterment of construction in India and also will help these professionals in their career.

Intended to share a powerful blend of theory and practical experience related to construction field, this specially curated Master Class by JK Cement was organised to help the Civil Engineers to understand and explore the present and future trends in the development of sustainable technology related to the scope of Civil Engineering. T-o-H MasterClass was conducted by a stalwart in construction, Prof (Dr.) Sudhir Misra, Professor, IIT Kanpur and was intended towards imparting knowledge covering technical know-how about rapid changes in construction method, sustainability and life-cycle management, forensic engineering, importance of specifications and few other technical aspects of construction, which will help the civil engineers and architects of Goa.

Talking about the initiative, Rajaneesh Dasgupta, Trustee & Director General of Association of Infrastrcuture Industry(India) & Pushp Raj Singh, Group President- Sales & Marketing, JK Cement Ltd, said that “these sessions are specially curated, led by eminent academia from IITs and will seek to present the broad spectrum of expectations from civil engineers in general and concrete engineers in particular and also highlight the urgent need for continuous skill upgradation of practicing engineers through appropriate professional initiatives. These sessions will focus on various topics like rapid changes in construction methods, pressure for adopting more sustainable construction practices, huge changes in the role and expectation of a concrete engineer and life-cycle management of a project,addressing the issues of maintenance, retrofitting and augmenting existing infrastructure and many more.

Adding further, Rajaneesh Dasgupta said “The involvement of civil engineers and architects is definitely more in case of large infrastructure projects but when it comes to the construction of individual houses in India the owners often do not take the professional services of a civil engineer risking the strength and longevity of the structure. It has to be understood that civil engineers and architects form the backbone of any construction so it very much essential to make the investment of hiring them for any construction. With the ever-evolving changes in the construction methodology in the country, it is absolutely necessary to empower practising civil engineers and architects with knowledge for the betterment of construction in India. So Association of Infrastructure Industry (India) and JK Cement Ltd has began this “Technology of Home Knowledge Series – Masterclass” that spoke about various challenges and solutions in construction of Naya Bharat”.

Adding further, Pushp Raj Singh, said “India is in its perfect phase of development and needs engineers and a skilled workforce with ideas and expertise that can shape the future of the nation with technology, and sustainable innovation. We have worked tirelessly and resolutely for years to stay true to our mission and motto, ‘Build Safe’. Creating sustainable and reliable structures that not only look beautiful but also perform their functions flawlessly is possible only with a vision of “Build Safe”. In the rapidly evolving world of construction, theory vs practice is often debated. However, when you learn from industry experts the unanimous answer is to have real-world experience.

Prof (Dr.) Sudhir Misra, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Kanpur stated that “Engineers and architects work closely with other stakeholders in infrastructure creation and maintenance. They need to be not only professionally competent but also be aware of the social responsibility that rests on their shoulders. With the rapid changes in technologies, construction practices, and paradigm shifts in the stakeholder relationships, it is clear that the curriculum in colleges will not be sufficient for them to successfully meet the demands that the profession and the society make on them. The initiative is a step in the direction of appropriate awareness creation and continuing education of construction professionals.”

PHOTO CAPTION: (seen Right-Left) Rajaneesh Dasgupta, Trustee & Director General, Association of Infrastructure Industry (India), Prof (Dr.) Sudhir Misra, Professor- Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Kanpur, En. Dilip Kamat, Chairman – Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (Goa Chapter), Shakun Vaidya, JK Cement Ltd.


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