Considered by many as one of India’s leading ensemble bands, Goa-based A26, will make its North American debut in July and is set to perform at the highly anticipated ‘Summer Fiesta’ and ‘The Night at the Movies’ events hosted by The Global Goan Association of Canada.  The Association, which is dedicated to preserving Goa’s rich, cultural heritage and celebrates the diversity of the Goan diaspora, will host the popular Goan band on July 13, at the Port Credit Memorial Park, Mississauga and on July 20, at Michael Power St Joseph’s High School auditorium, in Toronto, Canada, respectively; stated a press release.

After previously performing across Europe including England, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Denmark, Poland, Oman and on the African continent, A26, a versatile 7-piece Goan cover band, formed in 2009, has garnered a devoted following not only in India, but all across the globe, especially among Goan expat communities, on account of their dynamic performances. 

Comprising talented musicians known for their versatility and passion for traditional and contemporary Goan music styles, A26 promises an unforgettable experience during their two shows in Canada. 

“We are thrilled and honoured to perform for the first time in Canada at Summer Fiesta,” shares Lester Rodrigues,  founder, manager and lead vocalist of the band. “This opportunity goes beyond music; it’s a celebration of the rich heritage and vibrant spirit of Goa and Canada.” As the founding member of Goa’s then leading band ‘Forefront’ and the founder of an event management company called Event Bazaar, Lester’s contribution to the world of Goan music and taking it beyond the shores of Goa, has been immense.

“We are looking forward to introducing the magic of A26 to our Canadian audience,” said Trevorlyn Menezes, president of the Global Goan Association of Canada. “Their music not only celebrates our Goan heritage but also resonates with diverse audiences around the world. We invite everyone to join us for an evening of music, dance and cultural exchange.”   

The first event on A26’s Canada itinerary, ‘Summer Fiesta’, aims to celebrate Goan culture, foster community spirit and create lasting connections among Canadians of Goan descent and those interested in Goan traditions. Apart from A26’s performance, the lineup for Summer Fiesta includes performances from Jazz Junction, BigFoot band, The Achante Collective and Mackd, making the event, the most anticipated cultural event on Canada’s calendar for expat Goans. 

The itinerary’s second event, ‘The Night at the Movies’, is a celebration of Konkani, Bollywood and Hollywood movies. A26 will headline the evening by playing a tribute to epic movie soundtracks along with two other bands, Jazz Junction and All the Jazz.

As A26 continues to make waves internationally, their performances on July 13 and 20 mark another milestone in their journey to bring Goan talent to the global stage. 


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