PANAJI: Competitive advantage comes from a strong ecosystem rather than doing it all ourselves, according to Vijay Thomas, who is the founder and CEO of Tangentia. The first-generation Goan entrepreneur also believes that post-Covid, there shall be “huge growth opportunities worldwide.”

Tangentia is a global provider of IT services especially around Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain and B2B Supply Chain.

Vijay manages the global operations of the company from the global headquarters in Canada. The majority of Tangentia’s nearly 200 employees in India, are based in Goa.

Continuing its focus on the IT ecosystem in Goa, livenewsgoa.com puts the spotlight on Tangentia (www.tangentia.com).

Vijay Thomas, Founder & CEO, Tangentia

LNG. Describe the product/service provided by your company?

VT: Tangentia is a leader in Agile Digital Transformation for Automation, B2B and Digital. We have offices in Canada, America and India and offer solutions via our unique ‘Global Boutique’ delivery model. Since 2003, Tangentia has worked with industry-leading companies to simplify their relationship with technology. Today, Tangentia is a leading boutique consulting, technology and outsourcing firm with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that can bridge the most challenging technology gaps. We can help companies realise significant cost savings across an entire organisation and its supply chain. We’ve been making an impact in e-commerce, across supply chains, and helped countless companies start their digital transformations. This year, we are working to ‘Aim for Impact’ for our clients with Industry-Leading Digital Transformation Solutions. In the current scenario, we firmly believe that businesses need to digitally transform and make an impact with access to all the solutions available. Tangentia steps in as your most reliable partner to enable businesses to move fast and stay competitive with proven automation, RPA, EDI, and B2B integrations that seamlessly connect and enhance existing systems. We have three business units, namely – Automation: Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Blockchain; B2B: EDI / Order Management, eCommerce(B2B/B2C), Supply Chain; Digital: Agile application development, IBM and Salesforce consulting.

LNG. What are the striking features of your company?

VT: As the founder and CEO of the company, it is challenging to pick out just one feature as being more striking than the others. So, we operate and believe in our values, which can be encapsulated that we dream big and bold, while thinking out of the box. We work harder than our competitors. We believe that competitive advantage comes from a strong ecosystem rather than doing it all ourselves. We believe “Geography is now History” and we design our businesses accordingly. Over the years of having partnered with different businesses to deliver top-class projects across domains, I can say that Tangentia has consistently proved to be trustworthy, reliable and can be tasked with the largest of responsibilities. Our team includes dynamic, hard-working, certified resources who are able to take on any project with confidence and deliver excellence. 

LNG. What inspired you to launch the company?

VT: Growing up, I was always enamoured by the idea of creating something that could stand the test of time and I guess I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. However, not being from a business family, it was quite difficult to turn entrepreneur but in 2003 life circumstances provided me with an opportunity to start Canadian operations from scratch for a French company or for me to go and do it on my own. I was in my late 20’s and decided that there is nothing to lose and the worst case would be for me to go and get a job if I failed. It was a long arduous journey during which I did not pay myself anything for the first 4 years but things began to fall in place from 2006 and inspite of ups and downs, I have no regrets and it has been a great journey and definitely a lot of fun.

LNG. How big a role do you envisage for your company?

VT: I think the sky is the limit in terms to what we can all achieve. We at Tangentia have, however, achieved all our growth over the last 17 years entirely by organic growth with zero external funding. There are many plus point for having a boot strapped company and we think that we can definitely reach to 50-60 million dollars in revenue in the next 5 years. We are considering a capital raise for Tangentia either via external investors or via IPO and we could possibly aim to go for an even bigger number if we are successful in our capital raise. Stay tuned for news from us. On geographical expansion, we are now in Canada, USA and India but are slowly but surely bagging more projects in Europe and with post-Covid, we expect huge growth opportunities worldwide.

LNG. What’s your message to startup aspirants?

VT: I think there are a lot of wannabe startup entrepreneurs that want to become entrepreneurs because they think that it is an easy way to get rich. I would like to caution all of them that what they see on the news of the millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs, is the finished product and there is a lot of hardship and hours and hours or hustle to get them to where they are now. Also there are an equal number or more that have failed. However having said that, if you have an idea and you are willing to take a few risks and you are willing to work hard then there is no better time than the present time to become an entrepreneur. Also as you succeed, try to push the boundaries and think of Big Hairy Audacious Goals(B-HAG’s) for you and your team. If Narayana Murthy and a bunch of folks could create Infosys, or Dhirubhai Ambani could create Reliance, it was because they took the plunge and got started. I call it the Nike model of entrepreneurship – Just Do It.


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