PANAJI: The Ministry of Ayush (MoA) and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS), noting that the International Day of Yoga (IDY) which falls on 21st June is just two months away, have come together in a joint-initiative and are offering a public-focused online Yoga training programme which has started on 21st April 2021, says a press release by AYUSH.

This would be followed up with repeat batches starting on 1st May 2021, 21st May 2021 and 1st June 2021. The course covers the Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) designed for easy learning and is spread over 24 sessions of a maximum one-hour duration each. The two Ministries have timed these courses in line with IDY 2021, which presents an ideal occasion to usher Yoga in, into the thoughts and everyday lives of the public.

The world continues to fight the pandemic valiantly, yet there has been resurgence in the number of cases. There is widespread concern over the pandemic’s impact on people’s physical and mental health. In this exacting phase, Yoga with its multi-faceted benefits is proving to be of help to the public and there is widespread appreciation of the health-promoting aspects of Yoga which go a long way in finding the balance in our day-to-day lives in the changed reality. Consistent practice of Yoga helps to improve health and strengthen natural immunity.

The Common Yoga Protocol (CYP), a specified sequence of Yogasanas of 45 minutes duration lies at the heart of IDY observation. It was developed by some of the most accomplished Yoga gurus of India in 2015. Conceived with the need to organise harmonious mass Yoga demonstrations in the observation of International Day of Yoga (IDY), it comprises the ideal assemblage of Asanas for inducting beginners to Yoga practice. It was designed for easy learning by common people, irrespective of their age and gender, and can be learnt through simple training sessions and online classes.

The Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY) has designed the instant course on behalf of the two Ministries. MDNIY is also offering an opportunity to the participants to obtain a “Yoga Volunteer” certificate from the Yoga Certification Board (YCB), the country’s apex body in certification in the field of Yoga, as an upgrade to the instant course. While the course is offered free of cost, there would be a nominal processing fee of Rs 250/- for the certificate. Yoga Volunteer Training Course will have four levels, with an overall duration of 36 hours. The course will begin with the module of the Yoga Appreciation Programme (the first level) which is of 4 days with daily practice of 45 mins and then move to the second level, the CYP- Introduction Programme which will be for 12 days with daily practice of 1.5 hours. Reaching the third level, the CYP- Yoga Sadhana will be for 6 days with daily practice of 1.5 hours. The final level includes a 2-day (6 hours daily) CYP- Self Practice, Assessment & Certification.

The training programme will be streamed on the Social Media platforms of both the Ministries (including the platforms of their different units) on the Youtube and Facebook handles. The Ayush Ministry’s social media handles that stream this course include Facebook: (https://www.facebook.com/moayush/) and Youtube: (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRR2gs-I3zrNcE4so4TpgQ).

Additionally, this course will also be made available on the social media handles of Fit India Movement and those of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. Both Ministries will collaborate to take the joint IDY- Fit India messaging to the public in a big way, as part of the Joint Campaign and Social Media would be the main vehicle for this. The different Units/ Autonomous Bodies/ Agencies under both the Ministries would be roped into taking this campaign to the public.

In this joint-campaign, the message “Be with Yoga, Be at Home” is being promoted, considering the backdrop of the pandemic, when all are advised to stay at home to the extent possible. Sports Personalities and Sports Celebrities are expected to support this initiative with messages on how Yoga can be practiced at home during the COVID situation and also how Yoga has helped them in their fitness and sporting activities.

Taking cognizance of the extremity of the current situation, it is necessary to avoid a congregation of people for the promotional activities of IDY-2021. Hence the two Ministries have adopted the digital, virtual and electronic platform to spread the message of IDY this year, and participation by citizens from the safety of their respective homes is encouraged.

Ministry of Ayush and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports have invited all stakeholders to take up messaging to the public in the context of the upcoming IDY, by highlighting the role of Yoga and its contribution to public health in these difficult times. Encouraging the people to observe IDY 2021 by doing the Common Yoga Protocol at home with their families on 21 June 2021, would be a notable contribution by all the stake-holders towards the general health and well-being of the public. Active participation in IDY can be an inspiration point and can help in target-setting for the activity of learning Yoga.


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