Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd. (IPSCDL) celebrated multiple occasions on Friday to make it a memorable day for ‘Ponjekars’.

The day began with the celebration of the 10th International Yoga Day with a well-attended event at ‘Yog Setu’. The event saw enthusiastic participation from senior citizens, IPSCDL staff and the residents of Panaji, highlighting the community’s commitment to health and wellness.

The yoga session was led by renowned instructors Trupti Nagvekar and Sonali Kubal, who guided the participants through various yogasanas and breathing exercises. The instructors’ expertise and engaging teaching style ensured a fulfilling experience for everyone.

A senior official from IPSCDL expressed satisfaction with the event, stating: “Today’s International Yoga Day celebration at Yog Setu was a wonderful opportunity to bring our community together in the spirit of health and wellness. The Yog Setu under the Smart City Mission celebrates its first anniversary as well today”.

The event began at 7am and lasted for an hour, providing a refreshing start to the day for all attendees. Participants were provided with specially-designed upcycled eco-friendly yoga mats, making the experience comfortable and enjoyable.

IPSCDL continues to promote initiatives that enhance the quality of life for Panaji’s residents. This yoga session is one of many efforts to encourage healthy living and community engagement in the city using infrastructure under the Smart City Mission , stated a press release.

IPSCDL unveiled the historic translocated Banyan tree at the Campal Parade Ground on the occasion  of ‘Vat Purnima’.

This significant event was graced by the presence of Rohit Monserrate, Mayor of Panaji, Daniel D’Souza,  Landscape expert  and other officials  from CCP and IPSCDL.

The translocation of the Banyan tree, a symbol of longevity and sustainability, is part of IPSCDL’s commitment to preserving the city’s natural heritage while promoting urban development. The tree, previously located at a site earmarked for development, was carefully moved to its new home at the Campal Parade Ground two  and  a half months ago, ensuring its survival and continued growth.

The event also featured a brief presentation on the intricate process of tree translocation, including the advanced techniques and careful planning required to ensure the tree’s health and stability during the move. This initiative not only preserves an important part of Panaji’s natural landscape but also serves as an educational example of sustainable urban development practices.

IPSCDL commemorated the World Music Day with a celebration event at Gyan Setu, in the evening. IPSCDL staff and students from the Goa College of Music, Altinho, took part in the  musical session marked by the soothing sounds of Tabla, Sitaar and the Harmonium.


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