Design today is not only about the appeal but also about functionality. It is an umbrella concept that incorporates various aspects of product and service development, said Nealesh Dalal, the Managing Trustee, JD Educational Trust who runs the JD Institute of Fashion Technology and has founded, JD School of Design.

JD School of Design operates a full-fledged campus in Goa with various degree courses in Fashion and Apparel Design as well as Interior Design in affiliation with Goa University.

While addressing a group of newly-inducted students, Dalal said: “Designers of today are no more just into aesthetics, they are evolving into problem solvers. A designer is becoming an integral part of both back-end and front-end aspects and hence their vision is no more restricted to just improving the appeal”.

“From the user experience point of view, the design word has an extensive use in different fields and it aims to provide an experience, which is noticeable over time. Hence, analysing a design on the basis of first time experience will be an injustice for the entire work,” he added.

The institute is focussed on raising a generation of independent and responsible designers who believe in innovation, invention and inspiration.

“We always believe in raising our students as responsible human beings. I always emphasise on being a good human being first and then the rest of the ethics will follow,” Mr Dalal said while speaking about the core values of the design institute.

JD School of Design, is nurturing masterminds from all over India to translate their dreams into success. Powered by the JD Institute of Fashion Technology which has a legacy since 1988. The institute is known to have carved a niche in the field of design education and has provided various industry leaders to change the design domain of the nation, states a press release.


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