PANAJI: One of the biggest non-nuclear explosions in history, that occurred in Beirut-Lebanon back in August; shocked the world as it was considered as an avoidable calamity if the authorities there were vigilant about the Port affairs. The gory tale of the death and widespread destruction in the bustling central Beirut, has been described in a Konkani song by singer Elton Simoes, who is also the music director, in a tiatr-style duet with Shenaya Pereira.

Speaking to livenewsgoa.com, Simoes, who was earlier in the lockdown times instrumental in a collaborative effort of 24 singers and five musicians – ‘We are the World’ cover – in a tribute to the frontline workers, revealed that he was ‘completely disturbed’ on the day of the explosion ‘and there is a lesson to be learnt’ from this shocking incident.

“When I heard the news I was completely disturbed. When I saw that blast video, initially I thought it must be from movie or something. I couldn’t believe it happened in real. I was just watching the news whole night praying for all the losses. The city disappeared within no time…,” explained Simoes.

Highlighting the care and concern for safety measures to be taken, he prayed for global Goans’ lives. “My Goan brother and sisters are working across the globe. Such incident can happen anytime anywhere if due concern is not given towards safety,” said Simoes.

When asked why he chose to come out with a Konkani song on the international news of Beirut explosion, Simoes said: ” It was a very good lesson to be learned. Since nobody came out with a song on this topic, I felt I need to do it. This song may not sound as political, but it’s meant for our political leaders too. Many a times, safety (measures) is ignored. So through this song, it’s my request to all the leaders to be very cautious about safety measures. Beirut, a beautiful city disappeared within seconds. Goa is small state. Nothing should take away our beautiful Goa.

“It’s an international news. Such news sometimes doesn’t  reach to locals or to those who don’t know to read English. And this song is done in a ‘Tiatr style’ which the locals love watching. And specially in this pandemic where they are missing Tiatrs, let this message go to the ears of every Goan across the globe.”


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