PANAJI: Goa’s rising star Naisa Lotlekar has delivered a tremendous performance in ‘Burj Khalifa’ Bollywood Lounge cover version. This happens to be Naisa’s second collaborative-effort under the Ryan Mark label and she feels pleased to have done well facing a ‘pretty intriguing’ challenge. The young singer-actress has lauded video producer Ryan Mark for the remarkable execution of his idea of the Arabic concept. Here are the excerpts of the interview.

LNG: You have sung ‘Burj Khalifa’ incredibly well and your looks are stunning to say the least! Tell us more about the song.

NL: We wanted to do something that was trending, and that’s when Ryan Mark suggested this song. We were just sitting in the studio and played a few chords on the guitar and came up with this whole Arabic concept. The  song had a unique modulation in it.This was sort of a challenge for me, It took me some time to get into the groove but then finally you see it happened well…
As for the looks, well I don’t know it’s your opinion..I just tried to be as natural as I could to fit the character in the song.

LNG:  Perfect expressions and moves all around, makes the video a magnificent offering. Elaborate on the overall challenge.

NL: Ryan had  this whole concept of a Mediterranean look which was pretty intriguing. I didn’t really know how to go about it at first you know the belly dance…the Arabic looks and the location per say….. I’d never tried any of this before, this is  where I got the best possible support from Ryan. As you know Ryan is into all such creative stuff and is a well-known personality  in the entertainment industry. He is the one who did all the direction and choreography and all the things that were needed to make this song happen. I am indeed grateful to Ryan since he put in lot of hard work and  I can say that if not him this cover would have never happened. I just followed his instructions and the video is here for you to judge. 

LNG: After the original ‘You Promised’, this collaboration presents you in a Bollywood lounge cover, exhibiting a great range of vocals and as an actress, the huge potential is here to be seen. Does it feel like this is a take-off moment?

NL: First and foremost, I am thankful to God for this grace of singing talent. I am also thankful to my parents for being a  constant support especially my mom. Honestly, I love singing and I consider myself more of a singer than an actress….yes I can express and perform well but I feel I am still in the primary mode and there is lot to be learnt or sharpened. As you know, I did act in a Manglorean Konkani movie and it has given me a huge self confidence. To a large extent I will say that the  movie did boost my self confidence a lot. I am personally very confident that I will explore the potential in me…yes, in a way you can say  I am ready for a take-off, but then I still feel I need little more time!


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