The 10th episode of the Founder’s Club, titled ‘Direct Asks to Enhance Performance,’ signified another major milestone in Goa’s startup journey. Organised by the Startup & IT Promotion Cell, Department of IT, Electronics and Communications (DoITE&C), Goa, the event focused on exploring strategies for business growth and innovation.

The panel discussion, moderated by Kishore Shah, featured prominent startup founders, including Abhishek Mawai, Founder of Neokul, Mr. Apoorv Bamba, Co-founder of Neokul, and Ryan Prazeres, Founder of OneBoard.

Opening the discussion, Kishore Shah emphasised the importance of four key elements for business success: strong cash flow, return on capital investment, growth, and customer satisfaction. He stated, “If these four elements are in place, your business will scale.”

Neokul, an ed-tech startup focused on innovative pedagogy, encountered some challenges, including motivating students to complete their programs, attracting students to test their minimum viable product, targeting the right audience, effectively allocating their marketing budget, and securing projects for students to work on. During a discussion several suggestions were offered to address these issues. Experts advised communicating the value of the programs to students and utilizing Instagram to increase engagement and build a community. They also suggested shifting the target audience from engineering students to Business Administration students and those who have dropped out and are looking to complete their matriculation. Additionally, establishing connections with industries that have placement programmes through colleges, and offering the assurance of a better package upon programme completion in collaboration with companies, was recommended. Hosting hackathons as a marketing funnel and strengthening connections with industries were also suggested to enhance opportunities for Neokul.

OneBoard, founded by Prazeres, specialised in curating unique travel experiences in Goa that went beyond typical tourist activities. The startup faced challenges in metrics and product-market fit, specifically in increasing bookings for adventures, driving footfalls, and maintaining customer retention. Experts suggested initiating certification programmes for adventure activities such as scuba diving or rock-climbing, as these programmes provide customers with a sense of achievement and skill mastery. These certifications will not only attract repeat customers seeking to enhance their expertise but also encourage them to refer others, thereby strengthening business growth and enhancing customer engagement, pushing solid packages for various industries to encourage adventure outings for employees, and leveraging customer recommendations.

The 10th episode also saw the launch of the 5-minute Knowledge Sharing Connect and the introduction of a QR code by Perceptionyst Solutions, both aimed at reinforcing the community’s access to valuable resources.

The 5-Minute Knowledge Sharing Connect serves as a networking tool, enabling members of the startup ecosystem to address specific challenges by leveraging the expertise within the community. By filling out a form detailing their expertise and a current challenge, participants are connected with individuals possessing the necessary skills to offer assistance. Additionally, the QR code, developed by Perceptionyst Solutions, serves as a gateway to essential information for the Startup & IT Promotion Cell. This includes updates on upcoming events, access to the latest newsletter, and a direct link to the SPC WhatsApp group.

The 10th episode of the Founder’s Club successfully highlighted the importance of networking and collaboration within Goa’s startup community and set a new benchmark for resource sharing and community engagement, paving the way for continued growth and innovation in Goa’s startup ecosystem.


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