The ninth episode of the Founder’s Club, titled ‘Unleashing the Potential of Precise Asks,’ was held at Forum for Innovation Incubation Research and Entrepreneurship (FiiRE), Fatorda, representing another significant milestone in Goa’s startup evolution. Organised by the Startup & IT Promotion Cell – DoITE&C, Goa, the event aimed to revive the startup community in Goa and cultivate an environment that encourages collaboration, growth, and innovation.

The panel, moderated by Kishor Shah, Managing Trustee at GDP Foundation, featured a diverse lineup of startups, including Roshan Naik, the Co-Founder and CEO of Diagopreutic Private Limited, who brought insights into rapid diagnostic solutions for holistic healthcare. Joining him was Vedang Patel, Co-Founder of Credence Energy, renowned for pioneering low-cost green hydrogen and zero-carbon steam through AI-integrated concentrated solar power technologies. Additionally, Sai Rane, Co-Founder of Neural Kissan, shared his vision for revolutionising plant cultivation through innovative neural networks and AI applications. Completing the panel was Utpal Ghosh, Founder of Protein Box Goa, offering nutritious food solutions delivered directly to consumers’ doorsteps.

D S Prashant, CEO of the Startup & IT Promotion Cell, addressed the event emphasising the agenda. He said: “Our agenda is simple: to foster a culture of mutual learning and collaboration. Whether you’re in the early stages of your startup journey or have already achieved maturity, there’s always something to learn from one another. That’s the beauty of startups and the essence of community learning. In Goa, we have witnessed remarkable growth, with over 430 startups registered with the DPIIT, Government of India and 225 registered startups with Startup Promotion Cell (SPC), Goa. This event presents a valuable opportunity for networking and interaction. It’s also a platform to voice your challenges and concerns. Together, we can work towards finding solutions, as ecosystem players are committed to supporting your journey.”

The session unfolded in two parts, beginning with an insightful panel discussion moderated by Kishor Shah, Managing Trustee at GDP Foundation. During the panel discussion, each startup founder shared their unique challenges and concerns. Roshan Naik, Co-Founder and CEO of Diagopreutic Private Limited, focused on the complexities of market scaling, emphasising the need for strategic approaches in navigating growth. Vedang Patel, Co-Founder of Credence Energy, deliberated on the complexities of managing a large paid pilot plant and the strategic insights necessary for its successful operation. Sai Rane, Co-Founder of Neural Kissan, highlighted the challenge of effectively managing a team, navigating their expertise and experience to maximise productivity. Meanwhile, Utpal Ghosh, Founder of Protein Box Goa, articulated the difficulty of securing sufficient manpower for his venture. Each entrepreneur’s insights provided valuable perspectives on the multifaceted challenges in startup ventures.
Furthermore, ecosystem players made several commitments to support the startups in overcoming their challenges. For Credence Energy, AI solutions were offered to utilize existing foundations and templates, allowing them to build upon their vision without starting from scratch. Neural Kissan received guidance on transforming their proof of concept into a scalable enterprise. Additionally, Protein Box was offered assistance in collaborating with existing food education partners to access affordable interns as resources. An industrial expert extended end-to-end support with patents and developing scalable business models. Moreover, various ecosystem players offered valuable contacts for further assistance, promoting inclusive networking opportunities. Many partners also volunteered to share experience-based insights across multiple categories such as market research, customer engagement, startup valuations and funding, and EdTech.

Transitioning into the second part,  Thejus Joseph, CEO of FiiRE Goa, facilitated a discussion addressing questions raised by budding entrepreneurs, covering topics such as startup valuation and funding, Co-founder and team building, market research and customer engagement, startup ecosystem support, focus on AI and healthcare startups, challenges in EdTech, strategies in business development and insights into Technology and Innovation.

The event served as a platform for startup enthusiasts to engage in meaningful discussions, gain insights, and explore solutions to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape effectively. Episode 09 of the Founder’s Club sparked enthusiasm and collaboration, underscoring the commitment to drive Goa’s startup community towards success.


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