Sanjay Bhobe, Manager, Bicholim Urban Cooperative Bank; Darwin Barreto, President, Whirlwinds Sports Club and GBA Managing Committee members Sandeep Heble (Secretary) and Deepak Mayenkar (EC Member) graced the finals.

PANAJI: Aashish Shirodkar and Aarohi Coutancar emerged victorious in sub-junior under-15 girls and boys singles categories respectively, at the District-level championship organised by Whirlwinds Sports Club in collaboration with Goa Badminton Association, at Indoor stadium, Campal. Riya Haldankar clinched the junior, U-19 girls title while Harsh Mane fought hard to secure the boys U-19 title.

In senior singles section, Siya Kolwalkar and Sohan Naik walked away with men’s and women’s singles titles. In doubles events, Advait  Balakrishnan  / Linesh Virnodkar were well deserved winners in boys U-15 category while Ayaan Shaikh / Siddharth Khot were crowned champions in men’s doubles event. The senior mixed-doubles competition was won by Sohan Naik / Kaushika Gaonkar. 

“Last few months, there were a few entertaining team championship events that were held but this was the first individual category tournament of the season and players were excited to participate in it. Close to 300 entries were received in this week-long championship, which commenced last Saturday. The District championship will be followed by the State championship which concludes on Sunday January 17,” stated Sandeep Heble, secretary, Goa Badminton Association.


Aashish Shirodkar bt Shaheen C.K 19-17, 15-8. 3rd Place: Shubham Swamy and Advait Balakrishnan

Aarohi Coutoncar bt Trisha S Bidye 15-8, 15-11. 3rd Place: Lakshita Swal and Disha Dutta

Harsh Mane bt Anuj Vernekar 15-11, 13-15, 15-9. 3rd Place: Soham Mandrekar and Nihal Savoikar

Riya Haldankar bt Janhavi  Virnodkar 15-11, 15-13. 3rd Place: Aarohi Coutankar and Tusharika Salgaonkar

Sohan Naik bt Deepak Bhanushali 15-11, 18-16. 3rd Place: Sadiq Attar and Siraj Wadkar

Siya Kolwalkar bt Pratistha Shenoy 15-11, 10-15, 15-12. 3rd Place: Gouri Sawant and Riya Haldankar

Advait  Balakrishnan  / Linesh Virnodkar bt Rajas Khandeparkar / Arnav  Saraf 15-13, 15-11. 3rd Place: Salil Deshpande / Aloisius Rodrigues and Rishi Khot / Ved Shetye

Ayaan Shaikh / Siddharth Khot bt Aditya Desai / Prasad Patil 15-13, 7—15, 15-13. 3rd Place: Aryaman Saraf / Chetan Magdum and Sadiq Attar / Gosh Nadaf

Sohan Naik / Kaushika Gaonkar bt Sadiq Attar / Malaika Lobo 15-13, 15-12 . 3rd Place: Aryaman Saraf  / Monishka Arya and Darwin Barreto / Marina Albuquerque


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