PANAJI: VM Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE), recently hosted an online masterclass on Goan Cuisine with two celebrated Goan chefs – Chef Edia Cotta and Chef Sandip Madkaikar.

The webinar was open not only to students but anyone interested in the craft of Goan cuisine including passionate home cooks, says a press release.

Chef Edia Cotta comes with over 35 years of experience in the art of traditional home-style Goan cuisine, having worked at some of the most reputed hotels chains in Goa. Meanwhile, Chef Sandip, Assistant Professor of Food Production at VMSIIHE is proficient in traditional Goan Saraswat cuisine. Together the duo hosted the masterclass which was well-attended.

Chef Edia in her inimitable style demonstrated how one can make a perfect Bafado and a Fish Guisado as the viewers watched her every move and asked questions during the session. “The experience was wonderful. I love teaching people to cook Goan cuisine. I would love to do it again,” Chef Cotta remarked after the webinar.

Chef Sandip demonstrated the other aspect of traditional Goan food as he shared his take on delicacies like Moongachi Gathi, Bharillyo Kullyo (stuffed crabs) and various other dishes cooked in the traditional Goan Saraswat style.

Chef Sebastian Breitinger, VMSIIHE’s Professor in Culinary Arts coordinated the masterclass session, ensuring an orderly experience for the participants.

“The session was extremely interesting because participants got to see two very distinctly different sides to Goan Cuisine in a single session. I learnt about ingredients local to the region and how I can use the same cooking method using some other ingredients. The most important aspect is to use fresh ingredients and cook with passion,” said Ankit Budhiraja, a participant at the session.


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