Goa Table Tennis Association (GTTA) has announced the launch of several ambitious initiatives aimed at revolutionising table tennis in the state.

With a vision to elevate the sport to new heights, GTTA is set to introduce a series of programmes that will not only nurture talent, but also enhance the overall table tennis ecosystem.

At the forefront of GTTA’s plans is the introduction of the Goa Premier Table Tennis League (for junior and below age-group players), modelled after India’s prestigious Ultimate Table Tennis League (UTT). This league is proposed to feature 10 teams comprising of 30 of India’s top-ranked players alongside 20 talented players from Goa to be held tentatively in May, in collaboration with the Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI).  With the launch of this professional league, GTTA aims to create a platform that showcases the best of table tennis talent while providing local players with invaluable exposure and experience.

Recognising the importance of grassroots development, GTTA will be organising summer coaching camps at various centres across Goa catered to beginner and intermediate players. Additionally, an advanced preparatory camp will be established for Goa’s top-ranked players under the mentorship of a renowned Indian coach. Plans are also underway to bring in Korean coaches to further enhance training methodologies.

In a bid to decentralise training facilities, GTTA will establish academies in the two districts and training centres in all talukas of Goa. Furthermore, special attention will be given to the development of para and table tennis for veterans, ensuring inclusivity within the sport.

Taking the initiative to rural areas, GTTA has already commenced camps in the hinterland, starting with Kings School and St. Joseph School, Chandor. Efforts are underway to identify additional schools across Goa where similar camps can be initiated, thereby expanding the reach of table tennis to every corner of Goa.

To enhance the quality of coaching, GTTA will organise a three-day workshop to train local coaches and equip them with modern coaching techniques, under the guidance of TTFI certified coaches. By investing in the development of coaching talent, GTTA aims to foster a culture of excellence within the coaching community.

“The GTTA held its Executive Committee meeting followed by the AGM on Sunday, where our members deliberated at length and have charted an ambitious plan of action. We would like to collaborate with the Goa Government, TTFI, the Sports Authority of Goa, the Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs and other stakeholders with a mission to raise the bar of the sport in Goa. We are confident to drive positive change and make Goa a hub for table tennis excellence”, stated Sudin Verenkar, president of Goa TT Association.


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