Central Bureau of Communication Goa’s four-day outreach program under the banner of ‘Hamara Samvidhan Hamara Samman’ was inaugurated today by Vijaya Ambre, Member Secretary, Goa Legal Services Authority. The campaign commemorates 75 years of India as a republic and spread the message of legal empowerment. Deepali Naik, Project Director, District Rural Development Agency (DRDA), South Goa was also present at the inaugural ceremony in Margao.

Speaking at the event, Member Secretary Vijaya Ambre highlighted the crucial role played by Goa State Legal Services Authority in enabling people to obtain free legal aid. “The Indian Constitution, the cornerstone of our democracy, remains a beacon of hope, guiding us through times of triumph and tribulation. It is a testament to the wisdom, foresight, and collective spirit of our founding fathers who envisioned a nation where every individual would be empowered to pursue their dreams and aspirations freely.”, she noted.

DRDA Project Director Deepali Naik stated how the session on women’s legal rights would be vital for empowering the Self Help Group members. She encouraged all those gathered to utilise the opportunity to engage with legal experts to the fullest possible extent.

The inauguration was followed by a session by Adv. Anisha Simoes, Chief Legal Aid Defense Counsel, South Goa. The session highlighted key legal provisions in Indian laws that empower women and traced their genesis to various provisions of the Indian Constitution. She encouraged the women gathered to freely approach the District Legal Services Authority for all their legal needs.

An array of informative posters, highlighting various aspects of the Constitution and the members of the drafting committee was on display at the venue. A key attraction for visitors was a replica of the original copy of the Constitution. A 360 degree selfie booth also provided visitors with a fun opportunity to capture their visit.


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