ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Old Goa, organised a one-day training session on the ‘Scientific Management of Dairy farming cum-Input distribution program’ as part of the Scheduled Tribe Plan (TSP) by the Government of India.

Dr. Parveen Kumar, Director, ICAR-CCARI Goa, inaugurated the training program. In his inaugural address, he emphasised the importance of dairy in the rural economy and farming community and how it contributes to sustainable diets. He distributed dairy farming inputs to all the beneficiaries. The significance of hybrid napier fodder production, feed management, and its impact on animal health and breeding efficiency is elucidated by Dr. N. Bommayasamy, Senior Scientist and Head.

The lectures on scientific housing, feeding, breeding, and disease management of dairy animals were delivered by Dr. Udharwar Sanjaykumar Vithalrao, SMS (Animal Science). Additionally, he showcased techniques for cultivating Azolla and the process of silage production, raising awareness regarding the utilization of mineral mixtures in the diet of dairy animals. The program involved 20 beneficiaries from the Scheduled Tribe, consisting of 11 farmers and nine farm women. Dr. Udharwar Sanjaykumar Vithalrao, Subject Matter Specialist (Animal Science) and Co-Nodal Officer of the STC, and Rahul Kulkarni (ACTO) coordinated the program.


ICAR-KVK, CCARI, North Goa commemorated World Water Day on 22nd March, focusing on the overarching theme of ‘water for peace’. The purpose of this day is to advocate for sustainable management of fresh-water resources and encourage awareness of the significance of freshwater. Dr. N. Bommayasamy, Senior Scientist and Head, discussed the emerging water resource conservation technologies for increasing cultivable area under assured irrigation, improving on-farm water use efficiency to reduce water waste, and enhancing the adaptation of micro irrigation and other water-saving technologies. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Udharwar, subject matter specialist (Animal Science), emphasised that the influence of the water crisis on livestock production due to the increasing demand for livestock products day by day.

On the occasion, farmers and farm women actively engaged in the extempore competition. Forty farmers and farm women participated in this event and benefited from it. The programme was organised under supervision and guidance of Dr Parveen Kumar, Director, ICAR-CCARI, Goa. Dr N. Bommayasamy, Dr Udharwar, Vishwajeet Parjapati, and Shishira co-ordinated the programme and field visit of KVK.


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