Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL) has set up an Advisory Committee of experts for Tree Plantation and Care across all projects undertaken by IPSCDL in Panaji. With a profound commitment to environmental sustainability and community welfare, this initiative underscores IPSCDL’s dedication to creating greener, healthier and more vibrant urban spaces for the residents of Panaji, stated a press release.

The Committee, led by the Chief General Manager of IPSCDL, brings together a diverse group of experts including representatives from the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP), Miguel Braganza, Horticulturist and Member of the Botanical Society of Goa, Daniel D’Souza, Horticulturist and Landscape Designer, and Sandeep Azrekar, Member of Nisarga Nature Club.  In addition to these members, IPSCDL may add or invite more members and experts on case-to-case basis.

The formation of this Advisory Committee represents a significant milestone in IPSCDL’s ongoing efforts to integrate green infrastructure and urban forestry into its development projects. By bringing together a diverse group of experts including government officials, environmental experts, community leaders and citizens, IPSCDL aims to leverage collective expertise and foster collaborative action towards achieving its tree plantation and care objectives.

The primary objective of this committee is to provide recommendations, expert advice and guidance on arboriculture, horticulture and landscaping initiatives across the city. IPSCDL emphasises the necessity of enhancing tree biodiversity and expanding tree canopy coverage along roadsides to promote urban cooling to mitigate the heat island effect and to create shaded parking spaces.

The Committee will assist in developing a comprehensive strategy for tree plantation and care within Panaji’s Smart City projects. This includes identifying suitable locations for tree planting, prioritising areas in need of green spaces, and selecting appropriate species for ecological and aesthetic benefits. Moreover, the committee will play a crucial role in monitoring the progress and effectiveness of tree plantation and landscaping efforts throughout the city. Regular inspections, tree pruning, and tracking the survival and growth rates of planted trees will be conducted to ensure the health and sustainability of greenery in Panaji.

In addition, the committee will engage with local communities, residents and stakeholders to gather input, address concerns, and promote public participation in tree plantation, pruning and landscaping decisions.

A top official at IPSCDL  said, “ We  have formed the  Advisory Committee for Tree Plantation and Care as part of our commitment to fostering a sustainable and vibrant environment in Panaji. This diverse group of experts will play a pivotal role in developing strategies for enhancing green spaces across our smart city projects. Through their collective expertise, we aim to prioritize ecological and aesthetic considerations while ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of our urban greenery. Together, we look forward to creating a greener, more livable Panaji for generations to come.”

The Advisory Committee for Green Development stands as a testament to IPSCDL’s dedication to fostering environmentally conscious urban planning and its commitment to building a more resilient and sustainable future for Panaji.


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