Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL) has taken a significant step towards enhancing public safety by establishing the Integrated Command and Control Centre in Altinho, resulting in the provision of evidence to the Goa police in over 400 cases. This has also led to a change in commuter behaviour, as they are now aware of the CCTV cameras and are therefore adhering to traffic rules. The Integrated Command and Control Centre, an integral component of the Goa Intelligent City Management System (GICMS), was successfully commissioned in April 2023. It features state-of-the-art CCTVs, with 382 cameras installed across Panaji, including 80 cameras specifically dedicated to capturing traffic violations.

These high-resolution cameras, equipped with facial and plate recognition capabilities, are strategically positioned in crucial areas like Panaji, Old Goa, Corlim, Porvorim, and various entry points. They play a pivotal role in the Goa Intelligent City Management System. This innovative system operates 24/7 and serves as the nerve centre for monitoring and managing city lighting, solid waste management, and traffic violations. The impact of these smart city cameras is significant, having solved critical cases like the Dona Paula hit and run case, Ferry Wharf Bag theft, High court theft case, Indoor stadium hit and run case, Church square theft case, and Old Secretariat junction gang war case, among others.

The GICMS has played an instrumental role in aiding local law enforcement agencies by keeping a vigilant eye on traffic violations, crimes, and thefts. Through a combination of information communication technology and advanced sensors, the system has empowered the police to proactively address and prevent incidents. To date, the GICMS has contributed to the prevention of  crimes and thefts, along with curbing traffic violations.

Chetan Saulekar, PoIice Traffic Cell, Panaji said: “The CCTV  surveillance  initiative  under IPSCDL for Panaji has been very effective and  helpful to the traffic cell in Panjim. The AI images obtained from the  Command Centre are  being used by the traffic cell to  clamp down on traffic offences, for monitoring  of  traffic congestion, vehicle thefts,  crime and detection of vehicles  involved in criminal offences.  Similarly we are also using all this data for  analysing cases of  accidents, over-speeding and  have  taken measures accordingly  which has reduced accidents at  some  critical points in Panaji and  surrounding areas. The CCTVs  under the Smart City Mission are  a boon for  the capital city and people are conscious  of  the surveillance  system and  are adhering  to the  traffic  rules and  regulations.”

The installation of CCTVs under the Integrated Command and Control Centre initiative has resulted in a shift in commuter behaviour, with people now cognizant of the presence of CCTV cameras, prompting them to observe traffic regulations more diligently

Cedric Souza Cordeiro,  Assistant Director  of Transport, Government of Goa, said: “The  Intelligent  Traffic Management  System  under the Smart City Mission which has installed  CCTVs  and traffic signals across key locations in Panjim  has brought about a lot of improvement  as far as self-discipline from road users. People are conscious of  the surveillance systems and  we are happy to say that they  themselves are  talking about the need to follow traffic rules rather than  getting fined.  We would say that this system  should be  emulated  State-wide which includes highways and  internal roads too.”

Moreover, the Integrated Command and Control Centre is not just a watchtower; it transforms into a crucial control room during critical events,  especially in disaster management scenarios. Its expansive coverage extends to Panaji, Old Goa, Porvorim, Bambolim, Dona Paula, and Pilar, providing a comprehensive surveillance network for swift and effective response.


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