PANAJI: Covid-19 pandemic has compounded misery in the mental health space. As such, people in general need to be more caring and helpful as it is common to come across depressed individuals around us. Singer and lyricist Aeral Paul’s second Konkani music video ‘Band Mogachim Doram’ offers hope to those battling mental demons.

“Everyone is interested in music. So I thought of bringing joy to people’s lives with positive energy through my music video with an impactful message. My song ‘Band Mogachim Doram’ will facilitate especially young people to be effective guardians of their own mind and focus on mental well-being. The lyrics of the song are encouraging, inspiring and hopeful about a better future,” Aeral told

Expressing the plight of the society in the pandemic, Aeral emphasised the need to eradicate the stigma around mental illness. “I always had an urge in mind to promote awareness, in erasing the stigma of mental illness. In an epidemic born from coronavirus worries and lockdowns, I could feel a significant increase in those suffering in and around from mental health issues. What’s most troubling for people is the uncertainty – fear of infection, when the pandemic will end, the economic crisis and job loss that has resulted. And that brought to my attention to compose a song to deliver the key message through my song to love and appreciate people around us who are depressed,” he explained.

Having gone through his share of frustrations and witnessing similar issues around, Aeral’s own experience has helped him to send out a message.

“Everybody has some level of struggle that they go through. Negative energy in me has brought ill-effects in my life too. But faith in God, and positive attitude helped me to be strong. I have encountered close friends who are depressed and coping up by simplifying everything in life and facing all new challenges head-on…I feel the best way to come out of depression is that we should all re-evaluate our lives to make sure we can walk towards the brighter future,” he summed up.


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