PANAJI: First Goan non-corporate private hospital to voluntarily start full-fledged Covid-19 facility, Mother Care Hospital has now earned another feather in its cap by becoming the first non-corporate private hospital to manage Covid pregnancy successfully.

Amidst all the chaos of the serious Covid situation in the country with doctors facing a lot of difficult moments including acts of abuse in Goa as well; here comes a bright story of immense courage, professional commitment and personal sacrifice.

A team of young doctors led by Dr Sawani Hegde Surlakar, consultant gynecologist and obstetrician, performed a Cesarean section on a young COVID-19 positive first-time pregnant lady with moderately severe COVID-19 pneumonia and persistent fever.

The patient from Panaji was admitted to the Mother Care Hospital Borda-Margao due to shortage of beds in the state capital and other places as well.

The patient being pregnant could not be given full COVID treatment and thus there was a significant risk to the patient and the baby. Moreover, a severe shortage of beds due to a significant rise in COVID cases made referring the patient to Goa Medical College a difficult option.

At this point the team of young doctors decided to step up to perform the challenging task of operating on the woman. Dr Neeraj Borkar, consultant gynecologist and obstetrician, Dr Kefas Quadros, consultant anaesthetist, Tirthanaka Naik, OT assistant, under the leadership of Dr Sawani performed the C-section on April 28. Earlier, Dr Prasad Hegde, consultant radiologist, performed the bed-side ultrasound for the detection of estimated birth weight of the baby.

The patient was managed by Dr Aman Prabhu Gaonkar, consultant internal medicine and Dr Jagruti Nadkarni, consultant pulmonologist for COVID-19.

Very Critical NICU support for the 35-week 2.2 Kg baby was provided by Dr Jeetendra and Dr Suhel Nagarsekar and his Classic hospital team.

Dr Aman Prabhu Gaonkar is the Medical Director and Partner at Chikitsa Medical Services at Mother Care Hospital while Sagar Utagi is the Executive director.


  1. Hats off to this Team of Doctor’s of Mother’s Care Hospital , Margao. They have set a milestone of helping humanity, in the face of a dangerous disease. Salutes to the team! Also salutes to for highlighting this king acts. Other media platforms too should highlight such bright events in such morbid times


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