PANAJI: FM Nitish Belurkar won the 1st edition of Goa Online Chess league while Ritviz Parab was placed second in the 12-match online league under the aegis of Goa Chess Association. Each of these matches (tournaments) were organised by respective 12 taluka chess associations. Vivaan Ballikar finished third.

FM Nitish Belurkar

Nitish, who topped Category E event at Manohar Parrikar International Open Grandmaster Online Chess last month, has now tasted success in the state online chess league organised by Goa Chess Association to keep the activities going as the pandemic raged. The total prizemoney for this league was Rs. 1.20 lakh.

Ritviz Parab

In the concluding league match organised by Dharbandora Taluka Chess Association, Nitish topped scoring 8.5 points in 9 rounds. Ritviz Parab had won gold medals in the last three matches. As such the contest boiled down to the final match where he emerged runner-up with 7.5 points. Ayush Shirodkar with 7 points was placed third in this last league match.

Vivaan Ballikar

Nitish came up with the best performance,  winning medals in each of the 12 league matches. He won 6 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze medal.  Ritviz bagged a total of 8 medals which included 5 gold and 3 silver medals. Vivaan Ballikar with 1 gold and 1 bronze had a tally of 2 medals and won the league bronze medal.

Mandar Laad (3 silver, 2 bronze), Shekhar Sirsat (1 silver), Devesh Naik (3 bronze), Aayush Shirodkar (2 bronze) and Sairaj Vernekar, Shane Braganca, Parth Salvi (1 bronze each) took the 4th to 10th place respectively.

Other prize-winners of the 12-match series: WCM Swera Braganca (Best Woman above 15), Vasant Naik (Best Veteran, above 45) , Saras Powar and Aditya Dublay (1st and 2nd Under 7 Boys), Diya Sawal and Muriel Fernandes (1st and 2nd Under 7 Girls), Ethan Vaz and Aditya Tamba (1st and 2nd Under 9 Boys), Vaishnavi Parab and Saeeja Dessai (1st and 2nd Under 9 Girls), Edrick Vaz and Aniket Ekka (1st and 2nd Under 11 Boys), Arya Dublay and Valanka Fernandes (1st and 2nd Under 11 Girls), Joy kakodkar and Love Kakodkar (1st and 2nd Under 13 Boys), Sayuri Naik and Netra Savaikar (1st and 2nd Under 13 Girls).

Tiswadi was overall first among the taluka bodies with 6 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze medals followed by Salcete with 6 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals while Bardez with 4 silver and 3 Bronze medals, was third.

Other prize-winners of the Dharbandora Taluka event:  (4th to 15th place) – Reuben Colaco, Sairaj Vernekar, Devesh Naik, and Paarth Salvi (6.5 Points each), Ethan Vaz, Mandar Lad, WCM Gunjal Chopdekar, Vivaan Ballikar, Edrick Vaz, Aakash Shetgaonkar and Tejas Vernekar (6 points each) and WCM Swera Braganca (5.5 points). Other categories: Snehal Naik (Best Woman above 15), Saras Powar and Netra Saavaikar (1st and 2nd best below Elo 1500), Samrudh Borker and Saeeja Dessai (1st and 2nd Best below Elo 1300),  Aditya Dublay and Diya Sawal (1st and 2nd – Under 7 Boys & Girls), Kanishk Sawant and Vaishnavi Parab (1st and 2nd – Under 9 Boys & Girls), Aarth Karapurkar  and Aarya Dublay  (1st and 2nd – Under 11 Boys & Girls) and Joy kakodkar (1st – Under 13 Boys).


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