The Serendipity Arts Festival (SAF) 2023 has set the tone for its sixth edition in Goa with the launch of a video montage, even as ‘The Money Opera’ a popular immersive theatre production which made its debut at the festival’s last edition, is all set to be staged in the national capital soon. 

The SAF 2023 video has been unveiled across various social media platforms as an integral component of the event’s #ComeTogetheratSAF campaign. This video encapsulates the essence of South Asia’s largest multidisciplinary festival, offering viewers a visual journey that highlights the convergence of individuals, craftsmanship, and creativity—all united in the effort to host this remarkable event. The video underlines sustainability, inclusivity and accessibility aspects of the festival, which is scheduled to be held in Panaji from December 15 to 23. 

The staging of ‘’The Money Opera’ at Okhla in Delhi later this month, is part of Serendipity Arts Foundation’s multi-city campaign #BeyondSerendipity, an initiative to engage with art enthusiasts across cities by bringing glimpses of performances, representing various art forms previously showcased at the SAF. 

This #BeyondSerendipity initiative began in Pondicherry with a musical performance by Mir Mukhtiyar Ali on September 2 this year. The second leg will take place in Kolkata from September 16 to 17, featuring a play ‘Photo-Copy’ that explores a family’s journey through grief. The final pit-stop from September 22 to October 8 at Okhla, will present ‘The Money Opera,’ an immersive theatre experience by Amitesh Grover, originally showcased at the Serendipity Arts Festival last year in Goa and was commissioned by Serendipity Arts Foundation.

“With the #BeyondSerendipity campaign, we are expanding our horizons and bringing the festival closer to new audiences. Each city becomes a chapter in our story, where people from all walks of life can gather, engage, and connect through the universal language of art,” says Ms. Smriti Rajgarhia, Director, Serendipity Arts Foundation & Festival.

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