Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd. (IPSCDL) unveiled a robust green initiative, marking a significant stride toward making Panaji a more sustainable and eco-friendly city and creating a greener, healthier and more vibrant spaces for the residents of Panaji.

This ambitious programme will see the planting of approximately 1586 trees across various key locations in the city. The planting of trees had commenced a few months  ago and will see a more  aggressive engagement with the people of Panaji from 5th June 2024, also the World Environment Day.

The green initiative includes multiple projects aimed at enhancing urban green spaces, improving air quality, and promoting a healthier environment for Panaji’s residents.

The green cover for Panaji city also proposes to give an aesthetic look to the capital and in keeping with this, as many as 55 varieties of trees have been carefully selected to be planted under smart city in Panaji. Some of these trees include Rain Tree , Australian Pine, Coconut Palm, Fishtail Palm, Indian Laburnum Indian Tulip , Champac  , Indian Cork Tree or Tree Jasmine , Jackfruit Tree , Golden Shower Champaka, Saoni/ Pride of India, Orchid, Mulberry Tree, Kokum, Parijaat Tree, Powder Puff  Plant, Gulabi Apto etc.

All the trees planted under the Green Initiative will be geo-tagged, and their growth will be monitored through a mobile app that is under development as part of the Smart City initiative. This green cover will give a fillip to IPSCDL’s ongoing efforts to integrate green infrastructure and urban forestry into its Smart City projects.

IPSCDL emphasised the necessity of enhancing tree biodiversity and expanding tree canopy coverage along roadsides to promote urban cooling to mitigate the heat island effect and to create shaded parking spaces.

 This comprehensive initiative is also part of IPSCDL’s ongoing efforts to create a sustainable urban ecosystem. The tree plantation drive will significantly contribute to the city’s green cover, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and ecological balance of Panaji.

“We are committed to transforming Panaji into a greener, smarter city,” said IPSCDL’s Chief General Manager, Eduardo  J. Pereira.  Adding on, “Our green initiative is a testament to our dedication to environmental sustainability and improving the quality of life for our residents.”

IPSCDL’s green initiative aligns with its broader vision of integrating Smart City solutions that prioritise environmental conservation, foster community well-being, and stimulate economic growth. Through these efforts, IPSCDL aims to set a benchmark in urban development that other cities can emulate.


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